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  1. Streetlands
    by Burial
  2. Nova/Moth
    by Burial + Four Tet
    by Burial
  4. Farm
    by Dinosaur Jr.
  5. Between the Kitchen and the Living Room
    by Alex Lahey
  6. We Have Amnesia Sometimes
    by Yo La Tengo
  7. Chemz / Dolphinz
    by Burial
  8. Metals
    by RRKK
  9. The Ascension
    by Sufjan Stevens
  10. Georgia thinks it's probably okay (Tuesday)
    by Yo La Tengo
  11. James and Ira demonstrate mysticism and some confusion holds (Monday)
    by Yo La Tengo
  12. The Avalanche
    by Sufjan Stevens
  13. The Electricity In Your House Wants To Sing
    by I Am Robot And Proud
  14. The Best of Luck Club
    by Alex Lahey
  15. Burial, Old Tape
    by Hyperdub
  16. Claustro / State Forest
    by Burial
  17. Lonely Man of Winter
    by Sufjan Stevens
  18. Low Pressure
    by I Come to Shanghai
  19. Fog / Shrine
    by Flame 1
  20. Tonya Harding
    by Sufjan Stevens