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  1. Toward The Sun
    by Garganjua
    Mire Mire
    Garganjua has broken his own limits with this work. A new horizon opens for this band and Toward the Sun is the litmus test !!!
  2. The Diving Bell
    by chrome ghost
    The Diving Bell The Diving Bell
    Chrome Ghost are on the bests bands I found last years, a little jewel,.
    "The Divine Bell" it´s the proof that their music grows in every new album. An a master combination of beauty in vocals, deeps riffs and tons of love for what they do it.
    Absolutly greats!!!!
  3. Demo
    by chrome ghost
  4. Shallows
    by chrome ghost
  5. Reflection Pool
    by chrome ghost
  6. Choir of the Low Spirits
    by chrome ghost
    'Til Deth 'Til Deth
  7. Through The Void
    by Garganjua
    Love this band, since I heard "A Voyage in..." For me, one of the best doom bands in years...

    Favorite song : "Through the Void"
  8. Time Travel Dilemma
    by Spaceslug
    The Great Pylon Collider The Great Pylon Collider
  9. Time Travel Dilemma
    by Spaceslug
  10. Zorya
    by SUNNATA
    New horizon New horizon
    Ones of the biggest surprises on 2016!!!!! A master piece of doom-stoner, made with fresh style and awesomes imagination!!!!!
  11. vol. 1
    by Gale