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  1. Hunter Gatherer
    by Avatar
    Wormhole Wormhole
    There's making an entrance, and the there's making an AVATAR entrance!

    Words honestly can't describe how indescribably, mindblowingly good this album really is! Admittedly upon first listen I felt worried I didn't like it - but subsequent listens warmed me right up and it's a brilliant album in my eyes now.

    I loved Avatar Country with all my heart - but this is leaps and bounds over it!

    Avatar doing what Avatar do best, which is completely leaving the competition in the dust!
  2. The King Live In Paris
    by Avatar
  3. Avatar Country
    by Avatar
  4. Feathers & Flesh
    by Avatar
  5. Hail The Apocalypse
    by Avatar
  6. Hail The Apocalypse
    by Avatar
  7. Black Waltz
    by Avatar
  8. Black Waltz
    by Avatar
  9. Earth Boiling Dystopia
    by Scythelord
  10. Earth Boiling Dystopia
    by Scythelord
    Earth Boiling Dystopia Earth Boiling Dystopia
    This album is a masterpiece and genuinely feels like such an organic evolution for Scythelord;

    While Toxic Minds focused on sheer brutality and being an all-out heavy assault, Earth Boiling Dystopia is clearly a very personal and emotional experience (Rest assured however, it is still very fucking heavy!)

    The amount of new ideas and experimentation on this album is nothing short of crazy, and you can tell they cherry-picked the best of the best songs for it.

    Thank you, Joel and Frank, Truly.
  11. Asclepius
    by Scythelord
    Asclepius Asclepius
    You've blown it out of the park again, fellas! Amazing!

    This song is home to my number one favourite guitar solo of all time, that speaks for itself really.

    Joel and Frank, thank you so much for doin' what you do!
  12. Toxic Minds
    by Scythelord
    Bloodshed At Dawn Bloodshed At Dawn
    Already bought this bad boy years back on iTunes, but it's such a mindblowingly good album - I feel that the guys deserve more than what I paid originally.

    This is Thrash/Death at it's absolute finest, no exaggeration.
  13. The Generation Of Danger
    by Tallah
  14. Telescope
    by Tallah
  15. Vanilla Paste (feat. Fire From The Gods, Chelsea Grin, Guerrilla Warfare)
    by Tallah
    The Bohemian Rhapsody of Nu Metal: Vanilla Paste is set to blow all of your minds one by fucking one.
    This song is all over the place in the best way possible, from the *three* breathtaking features to it's infectious chorus' and quite frankly FILTHY ending - I've said it before and i'll say it again:
    Tallah are going to deserve every drop of fame they get, and songs like this are a large portion of why.
  16. Matriphagy
    by Tallah
    Murder Seed Murder Seed
    This band infiltrated my Top 3 All-Time Artists in less than three days, they are immensely talented and their sound is so huge and crazy that it feels like you are trying to see how close you can put your nuts to a Lawnmower blade.

    Fucking 11/10
  17. Matriphagy
    by Tallah
  18. Overconfidence (Remixed by Teru from Crossfaith)
    by Tallah
  19. LEFT 4 DEAD
    by mew‡zxn
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  20. Martyr Junkies 666 (ft. Krimson Graey) - Single
    by mew‡zxn