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  1. Love's Secret Domain - 30th Anniversary Remaster [Bonati]
    by Coil
    Teenage Lightning 1 Teenage Lightning 1
    Coil makes LSD so much fun! Here's to another 30 years tripping.

    Put a window n yr I.

    In my search for creepy music, Balance does it well in the album's eponymous song, but TL 1 is so much fun and boingy!
  2. Christmas Lullabies
    by Long Black Hair
    Searching for another artist with black hair, Long Black Hair appeared with a beautiful and simple album cover, contrary to my usual musical interests.

    Accompanied by a strummed antique store guitar (long forgotten in a corner until found by her family, so the myth goes), Long Black Hair sings endearing Christmas in the most familiar and comforting way.

    "Christmas Lullabies" resounds with a storybook-lovely home; from a serene musician and beautiful voice.
  3. Царь небесный
    by Batyushka
    Заповеди блаженств Заповеди блаженств
    More beautiful with experience, this latter album maintains Batyushka's power ambience and weaves soft, ambulatory melodies and -

    chants? I don't know what they're saying, failing to learn Russian I wanted to years ago.
  4. Evangelie
    by Batyushka
  5. Gospodi Iisuse
    by Batyushka
  6. Православие или смерть
    by Batyushka
  7. Прощение
    by Batyushka
  8. Молитвы
    by Batyushka
  9. Свеча Господня
    by Batyushka
  10. Причастие
    by Batyushka
  11. Грехопадение
    by Batyushka
  12. Песнопения
    by Batyushka
  13. Русь Православная
    by Batyushka
  14. Батюшка
    by Batyushka
  15. Спасение
    by Batyushka
    Spasseny amplifies time. Ambient drone jams with grinding chugga chugga and a pulse, double fast.
  16. Krest
    by Batyushka
    Jamming, hi-octane jazzing metal drones for wearing out air drumming arms.
  17. Апостол
    by Batyushka
    Свечение Свечение
    A fine metal jam album, and a bit choppy at times.

    Svecheny has a superhero theme, with superb power ambience.
  18. Liki Svyatyh
    by Batyushka
    Евангелие Евангелие
    Liki Svyatyh is overwhelmingly smooth power ambience, and great for studying late nights without the ruin of evening caffeine.

    Here, as elsewhere, Batyushka often end songs abruptly.
  19. Final preparations
    by Nordvargr
    pleasures roaming abysmallian audiofests
  20. Interstellar 1
    by Nordvargr
    Lovely ambient of dread and nihilism of nothingness of human context of being in deep space after my own heart, but the closest to Haglund's absolute evil I can find is Derrida's arch-evil.