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B Tresize

  1. Hip-Hop/Rap
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  1. Admission
    by Torche
  2. The Machinations of Dementia
    by Blotted Science
  4. Muukalainen Puhuu
    by Oranssi Pazuzu
  5. Hippie Killer
    by Bongripper
  6. The Three Appearances
    by Assumption
  7. Nighttime Stories
    by Pelican
  8. Drawn Together
    by Cog
  9. I'll Be Your Ghost (EP)
    by The Devil's Blood (Ván Records)
  10. The Thousandfold Epicentre
    by The Devil's Blood (Ván Records)
  11. Come, Reap
    by The Devil's Blood (Ván Records)
  12. Turn Back Trilobite
    by Sacrilege
  13. Within The Prophecy
    by Sacrilege
  14. Full Upon Her Burning Lips
    by Earth
  15. Lethal Desire
  16. Vision
    by Ciecmate
  17. Fishermen Frenz
    by Adam Koots
  18. Maybe If I Took My Headhones Off
    by Peter Black
  19. Love & Decay
    by Spotlights
  20. Worm Ritual
  21. Cannibal Hulk
    by ILL BILL & Stu Bangas
  22. IRIS LP
    by PARAGON
    by Tech Itch Recordings
  24. Doppelleben
    by THE MON
  25. The Debriefing Room
    by Nancy Vandal
  26. 's/t'
    by Dorthia Cottrell
  27. The Bad Wife
    by Julie Christmas
  28. S/T Demo
    by This White Light
  29. Morrstinkin
    by Stinkin Slumrok x Morriarchi
  30. To Thine Own Self Be True
    by La Coka Nostra
  31. A Bright Cold Day
    by Dutch
  32. Mic Day The 13th
    by Ramson Badbonez
  33. Malibu Ken
    by Aesop Rock & TOBACCO are Malibu Ken
  34. Free Sweatpants
    by Blockhead
  35. Gangster Chronicles: The Definitive Collection
    by London Posse
  36. Lou Reed 2000
    by Lee Scott
  37. Trapped in Sydney (2015)
    by Adrian Incarnate
  38. The Showdown ft. Eduaz
    by Mata, Must, Flu & One Sixth
  39. I Know You Know Me You
    by Joe Snow
  40. 180 Grams
    by Mata, Must, Flu & One Sixth
  41. Raise The Devil
    by Mata, Must, Flu & One Sixth
  42. Dead Man's Hand
    by Mata, Must, Flu & One Sixth
  43. Sleeping In the Sink
    by Adam Koots
  44. Acrylic Snail
    by Dirty Dike
  45. Dog Years
    by Nahte Renmus