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  1. Environment Remixes
    by MY DISCO
  2. Persian Pillars Of The Gasoline Era
    by Vatican Shadow
  3. Swanyard
    by Coil
  4. The Death Of Rave (Additional)
    by V/Vm
  5. The Death Of Rave (The Source)
    by V/Vm
  6. Disruptions Of Form
    by Echium
  7. Coatcheck
    by Florian T M Zeisig
  8. Micro Incubus
    by Micro Incubus
  9. Memorias vol.2 - Live Dub Versions
    by Ross Alexander
  10. Bruk Plastic
    by seekersinternational & wzrdryAV
  11. Cmx XI
    by Coppice Halifax
  12. Sediments Reclaimed
    by Coppice Halifax
  13. AI-04: Colours of Time, re-interpreted
    by Wolfgang Voigt & Deepchord
  14. Salaam Alekum, Bastard
    by Muslimgauze
  15. Tape 10 - Howes
    by Howes
  16. Static Physics
    by Coppice Halifax
  17. Riverblur
    by Coppice Halifax
  18. Pharmlands [Complete Sessions]
    by Coppice Halifax
    Having had a while to digest this gargantuan set it's become a stand out record in my collection. The sheer duration of it, as well as the heavy-set rhythms, make it a welcome background to writing or painting. I can imagine this being a great accompaniment to almost any kind of work. Though it's not purely functional music! The cascading ambience it's drenched in is detailed enough to stand up to close listening too. It also shines at both quiet and loud volumes. A very versatile set. Awesome.
  19. Evapour Version
    by Coppice Halifax
  20. Junk DNA
    by Low Budget Aliens