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  1. Conversing with Ghosts
    by Kamra
    Intricate 2021 BM release with twists, spins, and dynamic hellish vocals running it up full mast in its brief but intense 20 minutes
  2. Cascades
    by ULVIK
    Comprehensive 2021 atmospheric cascadian BM with loin-tingling arrangements and dynamic overall intensity that belongs in every genre fan's collection
  3. Tragic Encounters
    by severed boy
    Mindless Future Breaker Mindless Future Breaker
    Tasty slab of 2021 death doom, this EP wastes no time running it up full mast in its brief but intense 20 minutes
  4. Lost on Void's Horizon
    by Siderean
    The full 2021 death metal package: guitar acrobatics, psychedelic passages, and plenty of loin-tingling exorcisms
  5. Paradox of a Broken World
    by Unendlich
    Comprehensive 2021 USBM release with chonky production and thoughtful arrangements delivering relentless thunder to the loins
  6. Echoes From The Cistern
    by Sewer Fiend
    Echoes From The Cistern Echoes From The Cistern
    This 2021 debut is an instant purchase for fans of death doom. The amount of hurt and filth packed in the ensuing 20 mins will hit deep in the plums.
  7. Raytraces of Death
    by Perilaxe Occlusion
    The shape of death metal to come, this 2021 loin-shattering EP is an absolute must
  8. Grinding Advance
    by World Eaters
  9. Morbid Despotic Ritual
    by Gosudar
    One of 2021's best death metal releases with top-notch arrangements, an absolute Snakecharmer Of The Loins
  10. Mokvání v okovech
    by Sněť
    This 2021 chonky ass death metal release is stuffed with riffs, 28 minutes well spent
  11. Ominous Seep of Putridity
    by Morbific
    Necroslaver Necroslaver
    Dirty dank 2021 death metal debut that hits deep in the plums
  12. Slay In Hell
    by Steel Bearing Hand
    'Til Death and Beyond 'Til Death and Beyond
    If you like your death metal spittin' venom with hellfire thrash & sinister speed, then treat thy loins to this exciting early 2021 year-end contender!
  13. Flesh Reborn
    by Gateway
    Instant 2021 death doom ripper, these 25mins of murky goodness waste no time sending confusing messages to the nether regions
  14. Molecular Entropy Examined in the Bowels of a Great One
    by Charnel Grounds
    Excellent 2021 debut EP whose 10mins of spiraling, dizzying death is guaranteed to rouse the loins
  15. Into the Atrium of Inhuman Morbidity
    by Mephitic Grave
    Awesome 2021 death metal debut full length that attacks and descends to the harrowing depths of the plums
  16. Lamenting A Dead World
    by ORYX
    Misery Misery
    Expressive blackened sludge, this 2021 album weaves its intricate arrangements that hit deep in the plums
  17. Reared Up in Spectral Predation
    by Universally Estranged
    Impressive 2021 debut full length taking the listener to the fullest mast of death metal ever imagined
    by Mortuary Spawn
    Impressive 2021 death metal debut going full mast in its brief but intense 15 minutes
  19. Doom Invocations and Narcotic Rituals
    by Můra
    Instant 2021 death doom favourite, these 20 minutes of loin-tingling stank bring an unprecedented production and much excite to the genre
  20. Burn In Many Mirrors
    by Wode