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  2. Metal
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  1. Lords of Death
    by Temple Of Void
    Graven Desires Graven Desires
    The mid-tempo swagger is high on this one. One of 2017's best DM releases. Loins of death.
  2. Horrid Dominion
    by Winds of Leng
    Awakening the Overmind Awakening the Overmind
    Hey JT, if that's just one vocalist doing both death growls and high-pitched screams, then color my loins impressed.
  3. As We Cup Our Hands and Drink From the Stream of Our Ache
    by Cavernlight
    Lay Your Woes Upon The Ground And Know That The End Will Soon Swallow You Lay Your Woes Upon The Ground And Know That The End Will Soon Swallow You
  4. Coagulating Darkness
    by Hellripper
    Black Invocation Black Invocation
    Speed metal without any retro kitschy vibes. Queue it up for your evening commute and streamroll some loins.
  5. Orphan of Sickness
    by Krallice
  6. S/T EP
    Vessel Vessel
  7. S/T
    by portrayal of guilt
    Humanity Is Frail Humanity Is Frail
  8. Errata
    by Convulsing
    Eleven Sigils Eleven Sigils
  9. I Can Tell You About Pain
    by Converge
    I Can Tell You About Pain I Can Tell You About Pain
  10. To The Elements
    by Sun Of The Sleepless
    Where In My Childhood Lived A Witch Where In My Childhood Lived A Witch
    This release touches them all: mind, body, soul, and loins. It instantly grabs and will easily be on all the 2017 year end lists.
  11. The Maw of Time
    Anticosmogony Anticosmogony
    Transcendental metal in the vein of Ludicra and Ash Borer. Expansive compositions without dozing off into atmospheric boredom. Pure existential soundtrack for thy loins.
  12. In Asche
    by Abkehr
    I I
  13. Hunger
    by False
    Anhedonia Anhedonia
  14. Exiled, Punished...Rejected
    by Beltez
    Soulweaving Soulweaving
    If you don't feel anything after listening to thatClosing track, check thy loins. One of 2017's best releases.
  15. Hope Attrition
    by Woe
    No Blood Has Honor No Blood Has Honor
  16. Nailing Shut the Sacrosanct Orifice
    by Sovereign
    Bared Teeth of the Fog Bared Teeth of the Fog
    Phenomenal 2014 USBM, Sovereign rules the loins.
  17. Shattering Light's Creation
    by Tyrannosorceress
    The Call to Chaos The Call to Chaos
    Black metal with grandiose production and some twists that will appeal to the purists and Tribulation fans alike. Loin-a-saurus goes RAWR!
  18. Eschaton
    by KAFIRUN
    Ephemerality of the Flesh Ephemerality of the Flesh
    Evil Canadian BM for fans of Fluisteraars and Thanifaxath. Creates a harsh darkness without going overly dissonant on the loins.
  19. Antihedron
    by Devouring Star
    Star Below Star Below
    You'll find your desolate loins swaying to this hypnotic misery in no time.
  20. All Paths Lead to Death
    by Amiensus
    The River The River
    Calgon, take my loins away, merrily down the Styx...
  21. I
    by Bufihimat
    He Saw Himself He Saw Himself
    The first few tracks of this techgrind album properly get the loin juices flowin', and the experimental twists towards the end successfully feed the ducks.
  22. Alien World
    by Below The Sun
    Black Wave Black Wave
    The best doom of 2017. Let the alien world harvest thy loins.
  23. Servants of the Countercosmos
    by Wode
    Celestial Dagger Celestial Dagger
    Loins are still reeling from last year's jaw-splitting debut album, and now this? Thanks a million, Wode!
  24. Desolate Endscape
    by Phrenelith
    Desolate Endscape Desolate Endscape
    Like the rolling thunder chasing the wind, I am pheeling this (in the loins).
  25. Extremely Fucking Dead
    by Extremity
    Bestial Destiny Bestial Destiny
    Consider my loins flatlined.
  26. FLOODS
    by FLOODS
    Coercive Coercive
    I don't live in NYC but I love it, and I hope the next time I visit, I see KRALLICE, WOE, ANICON, and FLOODS play St. Vitus on the same bill. Then my loins can die a happy death.

    Don't sleep on this excellent release, folks.
  27. Nothing Grows Here But Stone and Marrow
    by Easy Death
    Reject Their Heaven Reject Their Heaven
    Simple but effective sludgy doom that injects riffs directly into thy loins.
  28. Death Is This World
    by Jagged Vision
    I Am Death I Am Death
    Hardcore sludge with all the riffs and none of the generic tendencies. Like KYLESA with less reverb and more blast beats.

    Jagged are the loins that dareth listen...
  29. Orm
    by ORM
    Blood of your Blood Blood of your Blood
  30. Pressure Mine
    by Author & Punisher
    Nazarene Nazarene
    This hook-laden dream machine inflicts a stiff but delightful pressure to th(m)ine loins.
  31. My Bones Hold a Stillness
    by VRTRA
    Perpetually Hag Ridden Perpetually Hag Ridden
    My loins hold a stiffness for this vinyl.
  32. Fear Is The Price Of Our Instrument
    by GODS
    Hateslick Hateslick
    Endless supply of grooves, guaranteed to induce a shoulder-shimmy strut.

    If fear is the price, loins are the cost.
  33. Dark Towers / Bright Lights
    by CRANIAL
    Towers Towers
    An absolute behemoth that can hang with the likes of "Through Silver In Blood".

    The band's name is cranial, but my feelings are more loinal.
  34. Floodlit
    by Pijn
    Dumbstruck & Floodlit Dumbstruck & Floodlit
    Complex, dark, expressive indie/post/metal with a gigantic production that will keep thy loins pijn'n for more!
  35. Grimen
    by Gloson
    Cringe Cringe
    Like the rolling thunder chasing the wind, you will feel it (in thy loins).
  36. EOD : A Tale Of Dark Legacy
    by The Great Old Ones
    Shadow over Innsmouth Shadow over Innsmouth
    Track #2 has about 5 different head-turning moments alone. A truly harrowing experience from start to finish.

    My great old loins didn't know what hit 'em.
  37. Palace of Worms & Ecferus
    by Palace of Worms & Ecferus
    Wendigo Sickness Wendigo Sickness
    Two heavyweights collide and thy loins go wild!
  38. Vanquish the Light of Day
    by Corridoré
    The Earth Was the Floor of the Sky The Earth Was the Floor of the Sky
    An elaborate demo that's as soothing as it's
    unsettling. Corridoré craft dynamic progressive arrangements, straying from the obvious black metal interludes.

    Fans of Deafheaven and brooding post-rock/metal: Take notice.

    Loins? Prepare for thy tingling.
  39. A Spell for the Death of Man (2016 Remaster)
    by Woe
    Alone With Our Failures Alone With Our Failures
  40. Burials/Exhausted Prayer Split LP
    by Burials/Exhausted Prayer
    Deep Glow Deep Glow
    These bands hold the key to unlock the deep glow from thy loins.
  41. Converging Sins
    by ULTHA
    The Night Took Her Right Before My Eyes The Night Took Her Right Before My Eyes
    2016 ALBUM OF THE YEAR... thy loins rejoice!
  42. Gelderland
    Zijsselt Zijsselt
    Eating up this sick strut-inducing breakdown on Track #1.
  43. The Irrepassable Gate
    by ASH BORER
    The Irrepassable Gate The Irrepassable Gate
  44. The End of Electricity
    by Domkraft
    The Rift The Rift
    If there is one album "to drive to" this year, it’s this hypnotic, sensory-overload experience (of the loins).
  45. Atrophy
    by Downfall of Gaia
    Petrichor Petrichor
    Guaranteed to set thy apocalyptic loins ablaze with spine-tingling darkness and despair!