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  2. Metal
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  1. Descending Pillars
    by Void Rot
  2. Consumed by Oblivion
    by Void Rot
  3. OVERGROW TO OVERTHROW compilation
    by Bindrune Recordings
  4. Embodiment of Decay
    by Phthisis
    Embodiment of Decay Embodiment of Decay
    The most promising EP of 2020, this Denver band delivers a death doom monster boasting a stellar production that hits deep in the plums
  5. Death Meditation
    by Funeral Leech
    Statues Statues
    Astonishing 2020 debut, NYC death doom running it up full mast with the likes of Solothus and Temple Of Void
  6. Only Our Eyes Are Alive
    by Lykotonon
    Thrown Into The World Thrown Into The World
    One of 2020's most exciting EPs, members of Wayfarer and Blood Incantation cast a mystic black spell on the loins.

    Part USBM Anicon fury and part Orannsi Pazuzu density, it's a voyage worth sampling.
  7. The World That Was
    by Temple Of Void
    Essential 2020 death doom album; devour the hours as the loins miserably rot in the casket of shame

    Fanboy promo video here (37 secs):
  8. Realm Of Ash And Blood
    by Solothus
    The Watcher The Watcher
    Monstrous 2020 death doom that manages to bop, weave, and breathe seamlessly all the while stirring loins and clenching plums
  9. Scion of Aether
    by VELNIAS
    Aurora Rune Aurora Rune
    Monumental 2020 atmospheric release that lingers in the loins for days on end
  10. Bedehuis
    by Ossaert
    I I
    Exciting 2020 black metal debut with a varied but interesting vocal performance: hellish screams for the plums, King Diamond screeches for the loins, and non-cringey cleans for the soul
  11. The Alchemist's Vision
    by Black Vice
    Attainment Attainment
    Ripping 2020 USBM album with raw energy and psych curveballs guaranteed to bulldoze plums and tantalize loins
  12. A Deeper Shade of Sorrow
    by Rotting Kingdom
    Barren Harvest Barren Harvest
    Driving 2020 death/doom metal release with equal parts ferocity and atmosphere. If your loins burn bright for Temple Of Void, you best not sleep on this album.
  13. Untitled EP
    by Rejoice! The Light Has Come
    Brief but monstrous 2020 EP with a spiraling blackened atmosphere delivering expansive slaps to the nether regions
  14. Golden Hour
    by Awenden
    Weapons of War / Bury 'em Weapons of War / Bury 'em
    Truly massive 2020 atmospheric BM release guaranteed to wrap its tremolo-picking tendrils around the loins
  15. Genesis of Nervous Decay
    by Karst
    Encroach: The Cusp of Process Encroach: The Cusp of Process
    Encrust thy loins with this impressive 2020 death EP that accomplishes more in its brief 16 mins than most can in 40
  16. Into the Necrosphere
    by Cosmovore
    Vessel Vessel
    Massive 2020 debut with black metal void intensity sending it straight into the Loinsphere
  17. Demo
    by Clairvoyance
    Super tight 2020 cavernous death EP that stirs up the loins and pummels nads in its brief 11min appearance
  18. Hell In The Sky
    by Ruin Dweller
    Loin Sweller putting out another short but satisfying death metal EP that checks all the boxes. Add this to your 2020 load.
  19. Beneath the Canopy of Compost
    by Reeking Aura
    Excellent 2020 death doom EP boasting an all-star lineup and crushing souls, loins, and plums in its brief 16min appearance
  20. It Dwells Amongst Us
    by Noroth
    Monstrous 2020 death debut that can steamroll loins and pummel nads with the likes of Tomb Mold and Noose Rot