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  1. The Final Level of Consciousness
    by Compress
    Now That's What I Call Loinblazzzing USBM!™ (2024)
  2. Profound [demo]
    by Rotten Cavern
    Black Procession Black Procession
    Fully engorged death doom demo (2024). Enough stank here to get any label curious for a physical release.
  3. Brain Death
    by Somnol
    Now That's What I Call Mudbutt Death Metal!™ Snag this 2024 EP immediately. If you don't trust me or the 2 preview tracks, stream it YT:
  4. Chytridiomycosis Relinquished
    by Slimelord
    Tidal Slaughtermarsh Tidal Slaughtermarsh
    Mandatory 2024 death metal. Aggressive at the start, weird in middle, and closing 2 tracks w/thos chugs and double kicks are absolute plum rattlers. Loins burn bright for the slime.
  5. Bilious Miasma
    by Bilious Miasma
    Kardinal Deception Kardinal Deception
    These vocals be wildin' on this perfectly weird 2024 BM release
  6. Transcendent Unveiling of Dimensions
    Pure and absolute death metal stank in the year of our lord 2024. Get this demo in your collection right tf now.
  7. Conveyance in Death
    by RHÛN
    Bone Ornament Bone Ornament
    USBM bringing that special sauce and many layers waiting to be peeled. This captivating release is my “first album of 2024” and its burn is bright (in the loins).
  8. Sparagmos
    by Spectral Voice
  9. Luminescent Bridge (24-bit HD Audio)
    by Blood Incantation
  10. Ensemble Under The Dark Sun
  11. Desecration and Enchantment
    by Maul
  12. Encomium To Extinction
    by Carcinoid
    Morbid Curse Morbid Curse
    Now That's What I Call Nasty Death Metal!™ (2023)
  13. Forked Tongue Of Fire
    by VERUTA
    USBM for those who prefer it more rockin' than frosty. Superb 2023 release containing aggro riffs, subtle synths, and NONE OF THOS CLEANS.

    RIYL: Ultha, Vukari, Blood Abscission
  14. Executioner Star
    by Bihargam
  15. Embalmed in Decay
    by Carnal Tomb
    Cerebral Ingestion Cerebral Ingestion
    Death metal (2023) as filthy as it is adventurous, riffs galore interspersed with doom-laden passages. Every bass attack can be heard and felt, and things get especially juicy with fresh disco hi-hat beats.

    JTX Vid:
  16. The Dark World
    by Final Eclipse
  17. an impostor’s folly
    by Glyph
  18. the time of peril
    by Glyph
  19. A Fever To Dethrone All Kings
    by Unholy Redeemer
    Fully engorged death metal demo (2023) get at this fam
  20. Deserted Realms