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  1. A Restless Mind
    by ASC & Sam KDC
    Interoception Interoception
    there are times when art transcends the medium. its ’something’ or essence moves unnoticed,.. seeps into personal areas of the Mind which is experiencing it. it may connect Many Minds in the same space of ‘Time’.. I’ve ridden/am riding a few of the untamed horses this album mentions. i once thought I was sane, but Since then I have learned that the word is not even relevant to human Being. we r maelstrom; we are galaxies. thanks for giving us this extremely relevant mirror of sound—
  2. Dropsonde [Reissue with bonus album]
    by Biosphere
  3. Keluar
    by Keluar
    Essensual. Cut right through. Continue,.. won't you....
  4. Music for Brainwaves
    by Various artists
    Necessary paths where the future, past and ”present” are relegated to material under your body — if You let them go. Listen to the details until they resonate within. Recommended
  5. Wildlife Addendum
    by Warmth
    There are things going on inside a few of these pieces that, in a highly focused state, will reflect the infinite. Absolutely necessary Archives offering
  6. Moral Cleansing [BITE010]
    by SARIN
    Sarin finds the keys to a sound that should never have been lost. My muscles are feeling these grooves
  7. deconfiguration
    by architect
    deconfiguration. club mix deconfiguration. club mix
    effin hell, Daniel. i seewhy you call it club mix. it clubs the unholy fokk out of the mind. this my good sir is a wildly bitchin acid techno pounder. i love the various evolutions of this. murderous! continue
  8. Lassigue Bendthaus/Render
    by Atom™
  9. The Death Of Pragmatism
    by Throwing Snow
    The Death Of Pragmatism The Death Of Pragmatism
    your hobbyhorse stumbles and rights itself across hills of current Values, an ever-winding entropying conveyor of Information Time, where the sneering madeup yes-(wo)man looks on at the stage of the world crammed into a tiny glass fiber travelling at the speed of Light. .Absolute Truth is a forest, the one in our social Community dream, full of televised trees— Faces of nfo who knot up truth-starved eyes. stixx n stones may break our bones but information will be the death of US all 📺
  10. The Senja Recordings
    by Biosphere
  11. Angel ep
    by Sonmi451, Bernard Zwijzen
  12. Soar
    by Ben Laver
  13. Trans-Neptunian Objects 2
    by ASC
  14. Encores 2
    by Nils Frahm
  15. The end of words (bandcamp exclusive)
    by Marsen Jules
  16. Digital Isolation
    by Chris Weeks
    that peculiar jar which contains pandora’s selfie. we once again find ourselves in a push for further ”convenience” (bringing ”the world” to the fingrr tips) while both conciously and unconsciously sacrificing intricate hidden advantages of -not- being entirely immersed in keeping up a digital online profile in our ’idle’ moments. i always think of the image of ouroboros, Chris. when something cannot be denied then it must, hold a certain basic truth beyond the clutches of good and evil. but what cannot be physically stopped must be somehow used against itself to negate its driving intrusive nature. and this is why there is a kind of hope in the art (like this ep) of the digital realm, but it relies heavily on us as individuals to visit wisely. thanks for this one
  17. The Outer Limits
    by ASC
  18. Dawn
    by Luigi Tozzi & BLNDR
  19. Jikan (Interpreted by Luigi Tozzi)
    by Primal Code
  20. Equinox EP
    by Rainforest
    Jungle Research Jungle Research