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  1. A Day of Rest Politely Interrupted for the Public Good.
    by The Hafler Trio
  2. Ghost Of You
    by Rachel Brooke
  3. ...a trustable cloud
    by C. Reider
  4. Suddenly Emptied Rooms, And The Ghosts That Live There
    by Polypores
  5. S/T
    by Cherushii & Maria Minerva
  6. The Diabolical Nest of Heretics
    by nonnon
  7. Grighund Amarande Amdis
    by nonnon
  8. Disappointment Engine
    by C. Reider
  9. Daughter Of The Stars
    by Temple Ov Saturn
  10. Bride Of The Sun
    by Temple Ov Saturn
  11. Pairs of Opposites Imply Unity
    by C. Reider
  12. Ex-Girl - Kero Kero Kero (1999 Japanese Girl Punk) SR11
    by Ex-Girl
    So happy to finally have a legit copy of this, and a vinyl one as well! I was fortunate enough to see Ex-Girl live back in 2004 and it remains one of my favorite shows.
  13. Hauling glaciers
    by Eeem [eim]
  14. View From The Chair Swings
    by .mp3Neptune
  15. X-MAS 2017
  16. Transmissions from the Void
    by empty helix
  17. JNSN CODE GL16 / spl47
    by Autechre
  18. Chew Cinders
    by C. Reider
  19. Sunship
    by Warren Michael Defever
  20. Black Wings
    by His Name Is Alive
  21. Sequencer Works Volume Three
    by Arvo Zylo
  22. Callosity
    by Marlo Eggplant
  23. Styles for Relaxation
    by Various Artists
  24. The Creation
    by Radoslav Valkov
  25. Transition
    by Radoslav Valkov
  26. Chtcheglov Architectural Moments
    by polyopus
  27. The World's Greatest Anchor
    by Rachel Brooke
  28. Bears Paw Shake
    by Ursidae
  29. Tape Loops
    by c.reider
  30. man-hours
    by C. Reider
  31. Buddha Reduction
    by C. Reider
  32. Albion
    by C. Reider
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  33. Hold Music
    by C. Reider
  34. Affectionate
    by Venetian Snares
    Seqsy Seqsy
    Welcome to sharing the same birthday, jerk.
  35. A Giant Alien Force More Violent & Sick Than Anything You Can Imagine
    by Venetian Snares
  37. The Entitlement Generation
    by nonnon
  38. A split album by AODL & Dental Work (PR#261 - 2014)
    by AODL & Dental Work
  39. CB004
    by Doberman
  40. Alien Soccer
    by Copkiller
  41. LIVE Dissolution of the Conditioned Mind Tour 2013
  42. Detritus 1&2
    by C. Reider
  43. Nexus Monkey - Project: Albert, Code Name: Nexus Monkey
    by Nexus Monkey
    appears in 1 other collection
  44. Free Sentient Beings
  45. Os et Tous
    by Fatale
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