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  1. Glimpse of Heaven
    by Chasms
  2. the deserts echo and the peyote delusion
    by Wolves Of Saturn
    Eye Of The Buffalo Eye Of The Buffalo
    Fuzz heavy guitar work, just the way I like it.
  3. Orbiter (remastered)
    by Black Sky Giant
    Probe from Andromeda Probe from Andromeda
    Nice remaster!
  4. Voice Notes
    by Yazmin Lacey
  5. Far Star
    by Gilad Hekselman
    Fast Moving Century (feat. Shai Maestro & Eric Harland) Fast Moving Century (feat. Shai Maestro & Eric Harland)
    Great cover art coupled with jazz taking me in pleasantly unexpected directions makes me happy.
  6. Regresa
    by Buscabulla
    La Fiebre La Fiebre
    Very excited to see Buscabulla put out a full album after their two lovely EPs.
  7. EP II
    by Buscabulla
    Titán Titán
    Fantastic followup to their first EP.
  8. Dreamtides
    by Field Lines Cartographer
    Rhomboid Storm Clouds Rhomboid Storm Clouds
    FLC remains one of the most interesting ambient artists out there.
  9. End of days pilgrimage
    by Black Sky Giant
    Desert son / Cult of the Wurm Desert son / Cult of the Wurm
    Possibly my favorite album artwork from BSG?
  10. Primigenian
    by Black Sky Giant
    Primigenian Primigenian
    Fantastic instrumentation, as always, from Black Sky Giant.
    by MR BISON
  12. Awakening:Sleeping
    No need feat. Keita Ebina No need feat. Keita Ebina
    Here's hoping Mass brings the rest of their work to Bandcamp. I've loved everything they've put out so far.
  13. Triumph & Disaster
    by We Lost The Sea
    A Beautiful Collapse A Beautiful Collapse
    Always a joy to return to a band you hadn't thought of in a while to see if they're doing interesting new work only to find out that the answer is an emphatic yes!
  14. Departure Songs
    by We Lost The Sea
    The Last Dive of David Shaw The Last Dive of David Shaw
    I remember stumbling into the album randomly on YouTube years ago. Very excited to pick up the digital and vinyl copies.
  15. Animals As Leaders - "Animals As Leaders: Encore Edition"
    by Animals As Leaders
  16. Human
    by Henry Saiz & Band
  17. The Devil's Cattle
    by Ruff Majik
  18. Pi
    by Nazca Space Fox
    Space Drift Space Drift
    Absolutely fantastic!
  19. Endless Fantasy
    by Anamanaguchi
    Prom Night Prom Night
    I Anamanaguchi's later stuff as well, but to me this is the platonic ideal of their sonic evolution.
  20. Neon White OST 2 - The Burn That Cures
    by Machine Girl
    Neon Bar Neon Bar
    Not as strong as The Wicked Heart, imo, but still a fun collection of tracks.