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  1. Imperfections
    by Matt Atkins
  2. Going And Coming
    by the volume settings folder
  3. Departures And Arrivals
    by the volume settings folder
  4. Inversions (ep) (name-your-price)
    by Erik Wøllo
  5. Emotional Axes
    by Herne
  6. Distance
    by Fields We Found
  7. How It Ends And How It Begins
    by the volume settings folder
  8. Domes
    by Heather Woods Broderick
  9. Ashtoreth's Gate
    by Ashtoreth's Gate
  10. Broad Tape Band
    by Nacht Plank
  11. The Sails p.2
    by loscil
  12. 5 Years' Compilation
    by 光淵 (Pool Of Light)
  13. Aki No Kaze
    by Stuart Chalmers
  14. We all need something
    by Music For Sleep
  15. Our Dreams Will Be Told
    by Fallen
  16. Mes ennuis
    by Grandbruit
  17. Where the floor starts to fade
    by Velvet Rope Crowd Control
  18. Paleozoic
    by H.Takahashi
  19. A Compilation For Ukraine
    by Joggers Vol. 2
  20. Tape Pieces Vol​.​ 3
    by Chris Child & Micah Frank