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  1. Zeldawave: Temples
    by Polygon Dream
  2. Chozo Legacy Special Edition
    by bLiNd
  3. Final Fantasy Legend EP
    by bLiNd
  4. Breath of Fire III (Remastered Tracks)
    by Sean Schafianski
  5. Shovel Knight Dig OST
    by Jake Kaufman
  6. NESterYears Deluxe Edition
    by bLiNd
  7. The Messenger (Original Soundtrack) Disc II: The Future
    by Rainbowdragoneyes
  8. Super NESterYears
    by bLiNd
  9. Happy Halloween
    by Various Artists
  10. WIZARD OF LEGEND (The Complete Soundtrack)
    by Dale North
  11. The Messenger (Original Soundtrack) Disc I: The Past
    by Rainbowdragoneyes
    by Zackery Wilson
  13. AD:HOUSE Winter 2
    by Diverse System
  14. Stream Palette 3
    by Diverse System
  15. 24.7 -works. for stream vol.3-
    by Diverse System
  16. Crypt of the NecroDancer: OverClocked
    by OC ReMix
  17. Melolyn
    by TQ-Jam
  18. 30XX (Original Soundtrack)
    by Cityfires
    Hollows (Echocave) Hollows (Echocave)
    Quite possibly the catchiest beat the entire OST has to offer. This just sticks in your head. The rest are great too, bearing in mind its predecessor, but damn I spend an extra moment in that stage every time to enjoy it.
  19. MEGA ZUN
    by HertzDevil
  20. Remastered Soundtrack: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
    by Sean Schafianski