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  1. Foreverglade
    by Worm
  2. Spiritual Poison / Thorn Bug - Split
    by Spiritual Poison / Thorn Bug
    Pretty easy purchase on this one. It’s Ethan McCarthy, and anything he does is pure genius when it comes to claustrophobia, paranoia, destruction, doom, and gloom. He has refined it.
  3. Mirrorcell
    by Greg Puciato
  4. Child Soldier: Creator of God
    by Greg Puciato
  5. Mass Cathexis
    by Krallice
  6. Psychagogue
    by Krallice
  7. Black Fellflower Stream
    by Sunrise Patriot Motion
    Really fun and creative album. There is so much to love here. Never really a dull moment; every song is incredibly catchy and dark. This is right up there for me in creativity as the Night of the Vampire release was earlier this year.
  8. Aperture Of Body
    by Tomb Mold
    You best fucking believe I bought this immediately.
  9. Eternity Maze
    by Collapsed Skull
    Really easy purchase on this one…membership alone is enough to make you want to listen, but getting a dose of that sound? Sheesh—you might wanna order a copy for all your friends.
  10. Decline to Ruin
    by Knurl
    backstage exclusive
  11. II
    by Leaving Time
  12. Andrew Nolan/ Misery Engine
    by Andrew Nolan/ Misery Engine
  13. Whitehorse & The Body
    by Whitehorse & The Body
    This is a banger. The remixes are especially very good. But damn, I love whenever the body does a collab with another doomy sludge band. It is always punishing and misanthropic. Reminiscent of the collab with Thou: fanged, bleak, and crushing.
    by IDLER
  15. Dirge for the Departed
    by Controlled Death
  16. UR-METAL
    by Primitive Knot
    backstage exclusive
  17. Clinical Music
    by Organfarm
    backstage exclusive
  18. morbid intentions / the temptation to not exist
    by krovopuskanie
  19. Insurmountable
    by Primitive Man
    God will never forgive us.
  20. The Collapse
    by Brace
    backstage exclusive