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  1. 05 Am I Dreaming?
    by 유카리(Yukari)
  2. Gone With The Wind
    by Silent Elegy
  3. Nighty Tape 86'
    by Night Tempo
  4. On Thin Ice
    by Lizzies
  5. Lizzies - Good Luck
    by Lizzies
    Viper Viper
  6. After The End Of The Vally
    by MysterainCN
  7. After the end of the vally (Unplugged Ver.)
    by MysterainCN
  8. The sprout from deadwood(苦林破青)
    by xiaoyu /mysterain
  9. Sventoyar - Krashen Vechir (cover on "Boiler" song of Limp Bizkit)
    by Sventoyar
  10. E T H N I X
    by Sventoyar
  11. Anthology of ebony
    by Snowsedim
  12. Élan Vital
    by Élan Vital
  13. Cian Bi
    by Tengger Cavalry
  14. Ephemerality
    by Ephemerality
  15. Yan Huang
    by Song of Chu
  16. Keepin' it tribal 2
    by Clanadonia
  17. 金陵祭 Nanking Massacre
  18. Wangchuan River
    by Black Kirin 黒麒
  19. 将·军 General Triumphant
    by DreamSpirit
  20. Watchman of Facabion
    by Armor Force
  21. Lost in the Maze of a Nightmare
    by Punisher
    Minions of the Beast (人模狗样) Minions of the Beast (人模狗样)
  22. Wisdom Eyes
    by Nine Treasures
  23. Battle of Grace
    by Punisher
  24. Galloping White Horse
    by Nine Treasures
  25. Live In Beijing
    by Nine Treasures
  26. Ancient Poems
    by DreamSpirit
  27. 箫韶 Xiao Shao
  28. Mountains and Rivers
    by Dream Spirit
  29. Arvan Ald Guulin Honshoor (Remixed and remastered)
    by Nine Treasures
  30. 哀郢 National Trauma
    by Zhang, Wang, Wu, Du, Hwai, かおり , Fang