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  1. Through the Gate Eternal
    by Demiser
  2. Beneath The Great Sky Of Solitude
    by Dusk In Silence
  3. Solar Paroxysm
    by Mare Cognitum
  4. I
    by Fuath
  5. Maere
    by Harakiri for the Sky
  6. Purified Through Devastation
    by Against The Plagues
  7. Only Ashes Remain (Death Metal)
    by SEPULCHRAL CURSE (Finland)
  8. Into The Red (Death Metal)
    by HEADS FOR THE DEAD (International)
  9. Interdimensional Extinction
    by Blood Incantation
  10. Epitaph
    by Necrophagist
  11. Invasion of the Tentacube
    by Xoth
  12. Timewheel
    by Gloosh
  13. Hollow
    by Tomorrow's Rain
  14. Of Sunless Realms
    by Inferi
  15. To the Shores of Sunrise
    by Sickle of Dust
  16. L'entéléchie du malheur
    by Précipices
  17. In the Catacombs of Time
    by Malist
  18. Sun Of The Sleepless / Cavernous Gate
    by Sun Of The Sleepless
    Sun of the Sleepless - The Lure Of Nyght Sun of the Sleepless - The Lure Of Nyght
  19. Twisted Prayers
    by Gruesome
  20. Melancholy
    by Shadow Of Intent