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  2. Comedy
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  1. My Machines
    by Battles
  2. The Lie Lay Land
    by world's end girlfriend
    Scorpius Circus Scorpius Circus
    This album is a classic. Moving, maddening, and genius through and through. Scorpius Circus is one of my favorite pieces of music, the shifts in intensity and tone in that particular song always hits me.
  3. FIBS
    by Anna Meredith
    Paramour Paramour
  4. Volume One
    by Kosmischer Läufer
  5. Werner und Sabine
    by Kosmischer Läufer
  6. Why You Don’t Come Around
    by Wowza in Kalamazoo
  7. Decadence
    by Deux
    Game and Performance Game and Performance
  8. Singles and Sessions 1979-81
    by Delta 5
  9. Pain Without a Touch
    by Sweeping Promises
  10. Golden Feelings
    by Golden Feelings
  11. Good Moon
    by handturner
    Mandaree Mandaree
  12. Houseplants
    by Squid
  13. Kofū / 古風
    by Meitei / 冥丁
    Oiran II / 花魁 II Oiran II / 花魁 II
  14. I would trade anything for a moment with you
    by Jacob Rollins
  15. Peace Meter
    by Marissa Paternoster
  16. PONY
    by Fiona Dickinson
  17. Ultimate Success Today
    by Protomartyr
  18. These machines are translators
    by Adi Gelbart
  19. Gerry And The Holograms
    by Gerry & The Holograms
  20. Inexorable
    by Thomas Happ