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  1. Denton, Texas
  2. Punk
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  1. Shadow Snakes
    by Shadow Snakes
  2. As the Roots Undo
    by Circle Takes the Square
  3. Outerspace
    by Mass Movement of the Moth
  4. Callow / Jungbluth split 7"
    by Callow / Jungbluth
    Callow - Dead End Kids Callow - Dead End Kids
    wish callow had stuck around longer but everything they released has been incredible
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  5. Qliphoth
    by Cloud Rat
  6. When You Are Close, I Am Gone
    by Saddest Landscape & My Fictions
  7. Demo 2016
    by Void of Heaven
  8. Alpinist - Lichtlærm LP
    by Phobiact Records
  9. Alpinist - Minus.Mensch LP
    by Phobiact Records
  10. Self Titled
    by Capacities
    appears in 1 other collection
  11. Decompositions:Volume Number One
    by Circle Takes the Square
  12. Alpinist|Masakari Split
    by Alpinist
    Abgerichtet Abgerichtet
    Absolutely crushing! I wish this band was still around but they went on to form equally incredible bands: jungbluth, svffer, & schrapnell.
  13. Everyone You Know is Here Right Now
    by Take One Car
  14. edhochuli 2013
    by edhochuli
  15. Death Will Claim These Tired Bones
    by Host
    appears in 1 other collection
  16. Your Mess As Much As Mine
    by Oak
  17. A Wolf Ticket
    by Comadre
    King Jeremy King Jeremy
  18. Cold Rain - Single
    by Comadre
  19. 2012-2014 Discography
    by Svalbard
    Allure Allure
  20. Comadre
    by Comadre
    Date Night Date Night
  21. To Ward It Off And Drown It Out
    by SOHNS
  22. Smoked
    by ED GEIN
    Build a Wall Around DC Build a Wall Around DC
    never a dull moment.
  23. Always Trapped
    by My Fictions
    impossible to pick a favorite track. I listen to this every single day still.
  24. I Want Nothing
    by My Fictions
  25. 温故知新
    by EASEL
    曝け出した心が全てを語る 曝け出した心が全てを語る
    pop punk perfection. I cant understand a word being that its all in Japanese, but the feeling is there.
    appears in 1 other collection
  26. Moving Display
    by Foster Body
    See-See See-See
    bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla
  27. Demo
    by Erfurt70
    Bones Bones
    super dirty sounding hardcore punk in the best way possible
  28. Stranger Songs
    by My Fictions
  29. Crimetraveler
    by Graf Orlock
  30. Tread a Northern Path
    by Carson Wells
    Northern Path, Southern Lens Northern Path, Southern Lens
  31. Super Unison
    by Super Unison
  32. Trainwreck split
    by Comadre
    60 Grit 60 Grit
    thes tracks, when played start to finish, accumulate into what i believe is the best thing i have heard from the best band i have heard.
  33. Glasses split
    by Comadre
    "Living Differently?!" "Living Differently?!"
  34. Merriweather Post Pavilion
    by Shook Ones
    I'm in my 30s and this band has me still listening to pop punk.
  35. Songs About The Man
    by Comadre
  36. who calls so loud
    What I Learned In The C.O.U.M. What I Learned In The C.O.U.M.
    super solid release from these dudes. it takes a special band to actually deliver music that can match the emotion of the message....these guys are overwhelmingly successful in doing that.
  37. s/t tape
    by Jungbluth
    Traubhagel Traubhagel
    I was bummed about alpinist taking a break......until I heard this! Awesome debut from these guys without a dull moment.
  38. The Youth
    by Comadre
  39. Lovecult
    by Jungbluth
    Charades Charades
    in my opionon, this is the best release of 2015
    die welt brennt die welt brennt
    so bummed this was such a short project but so stoked it happened.
  41. Survey The Wreckage
    by Wildspeaker