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  1. Go with the Flow
    by Avalanche
  2. A Man's Hurt EP
    by Prince De Takicardie
  3. On The Air EP
    by Random Factor
  4. [0f0c5] キマタジュン aka Jun Kimata - Shape Of My Voice
    by Forbidden Colours
  5. Secrets Of China - Chinese Ways
    by Belgian New Beat
  6. Labour of Love
    by Detriti Records
  7. Clock Wise
    by Dennis DeSantis
  8. UK74R1512110
    by Aleksi Perälä
  9. Microgravity [Reissue with bonus album]
    by Biosphere
  10. Mya Yadana (Kin Kin)
    by Tranquility Bass
  11. Mya Yadana
    by Tranquility Bass
  12. Compassion
    by Stojche
  13. Deepdown
    by Hypnoblob
  14. I Will Go
    by Jandy Rainbow and Adrenalentil
  15. Easin' In The S-System (Original 1994 Version)
    by Gerd
  16. Exposure
    by Fleck Esc
  17. B-Sides The Code Of B-Havior
    by Babel
  18. Tuned In
    by Avalanche
  19. Let's Do It
    by Avalanche
  20. Building Voiron
    by Voiron
  21. Calling All Quarters
    by Exquisite Corpse
  22. Strange Attractor
    by Exquisite Corpse
  23. Sitting In A Tree (Time Flies)
    by Exquisite Corpse
  24. Honeymoon
    by Exquisite Corpse
  25. Inner Rhythm (Higher World Mix)
    by Exquisite Corpse
  26. B1. Telegronn
    by Luca Lozano + Dj Fett Burger
  27. Explanation…
    by Jack Dangers
    appears in 1 other collection
    by DJ DR-660
  29. Invisible Spectrum
    by Chaos In The CBD
  30. Idris Bena - Pantei Rah EP
    by Idris Bena
  31. Silence & Reality feat. Jally & Alan Watts
    by Peter Power
  32. Absolute - Philthy Head Mix
    by Cooldown
    appears in 1 other collection
  33. The Duke
    by The Explosion
  34. La Visite (Die Wilde Jagd remix)
    by Etienne Jaumet
  35. Fractal P
    by Versatile Records
  36. Disco Blind
    by The Explosion
  37. Adama Waro
    by Peter Power
  38. Vegas or Burst
    by Moondog
  39. Lost Tape 98' Project
    by seafoam
  40. The Sputnik Of Life
    by New Composers
  41. Stoned - 25th Anniversary Edition
    by Rockers Hi Fi
  42. Skank Jnr.
    by Rockers Hi Fi
  43. Airgoose - "The Orange Record"
    by Airgoose
  44. Fear E - Back to Basics
    by Fear E
  45. Seven Hills Presents Nation of Noise 91-93
    by Nation of Noise