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  1. Monument
    by Portico Quartet
    A.O.E A.O.E
    Fantastic album. Compelling listen from front to back. The sparse clarity of the ride on AOE after those driving hats is very engaging.
  2. Live At Shamrocks
    by New Clear Future
  3. ÆP
    by Javelins
    Starwatcher Starwatcher
    I love it! Bummed to miss out on the limited LP, but the tunes are gold!
  4. Space & Time
    by Javelins
  5. Music for Sharks
    by Nerve
    Oceanic Whitetip (Carcharhinus longimanus) Oceanic Whitetip (Carcharhinus longimanus)
    Moody & groovy. A fun listen front to back. Tons of ear candy here!
  6. Slowdive
    by Slowdive
    Sugar for the Pill Sugar for the Pill
  7. Sun & Moon
    by Timbre
  8. Silent Night
    by Timbre
  9. Little Flowers
    by Timbre
  10. Winter Comes To Wake You
    by Timbre
  11. Remixes
    by Timbre
  12. Through Me EP
    by Ely Cartwright
  13. There Is Hope
    by Ely Cartwright
  14. After The Flare
    by Nerve
  15. Admiral Airwave/Secret Safe "7
    by Javelins
    Secret Safe Secret Safe
  16. Nerve
    by Nerve
    Safety Last Safety Last
    My favorite thing about this album is the way the songs develop: much like a flower bud opening up to the sun. These are good songs. Bravo!
  17. Ultimate Oceans
    by FAWNN
    Galaxies Galaxies
  18. Ghosts Of Tomorrow
    by Nerve
    Another Year Another Year
    Intense groove and textures that feel so good! This is my go-to-music after dark when I need a good groove to help me focus on work or reflect on life.
  19. ep4
    by Nerve
  20. Glitter
    by Nerve