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Denys the Carthusian

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  1. Hymns of the Winterlight
    by Foglord
  2. Winter Synth (Compilation)
    by Various Artists
  3. Nights in Hell
    by Worm
  4. (death cycle) - 死亡循環
    by b e g o t t e n 自杀
  5. The Lich Chamber
    by Tomb Wizard
  6. A Fortunate Encounter
    by Mushroom Grandpa / Old Jared
  7. By The Light Ov A Failing Moon
    by Twilight Encarmine
  8. Grandma's Cottage
    by Grandma's Cottage
  9. Weeping
    by Mournful Congregation
  10. An Epic Dream of Desire
    by Mournful Congregation
  11. Gloomlord
    by Worm
  12. Astral Folklore
    by Blood Tower
  13. Frozen Lunar Sorcery
    by Tomb Wizard
  14. Saint Vitus
    by Saint Vitus
  15. The Weight Of Remembrance
    by Tribunal
  16. Make Them Beg For Death
    by Dying Fetus
  17. Train Sounds & Train Station Sound Effects Library Vietnam!
    by freetousesounds
  18. Peterbilt Garbage Truck Sound Effects USA
    by freetousesounds
    by freetousesounds
  20. Ho Chi Minh City Sound Effects Library
    by freetousesounds