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  1. Vidékek Vannak Idebenn
    by The Devil's trade
  2. Kingdom Cold
    by Oceanlord
  3. Spirit in the Room
    by Activity
  4. Sovereign Sore (Album)
    by Heartlay
  5. The Call of the Iron Peak
    by The Devil's trade
    by Sunrot
  7. CVLT
    by Phantom Winter
  8. Arde
    by Ikarie
  9. Let the Earth Be Silent
  10. Chasms
    by Lycus
  11. Phantom Winter - Sundown Pleasures
    by Silent Pendulum Records
    Black Space Black Space
    After listening a bunch on YouTube, I pulled the trigger and ordered this awesome LP. Do you like dark, doom-post-metal-sludge? Well, my friend this album is absolutely for you. What does it sound like? Exactly like the cover art so be warned. Also, those guitar tones, nay, the quality of the entire recording in general, is exceptional. Again, if you like dark (I mean DARK) post-metal, doom, sludge with some crazy Absent In Body/Amenra vocal-screams that is a COMPLETE album - well, here ya go!
  12. Memorial
    by Spaceslug
    Into The Soil Into The Soil
    This album is somber, heavy, beautiful. Absolutely 5 stars. It’s like if Deathwhite and Hail the Void had a baby and that baby was a pensive heavy monster. Own the LP. It’s a must.
  13. Immortalizing the Lugubrious, or Those Of Evolving Despair
    by Vale Of Amonition
  14. Autumn of Change
    by Dresden Woods
    Frozen & Killed Frozen & Killed
    After listening to this album countless times on YouTube I HAD to purchase it. EVERY song is good. Catchy, dark, modern post-punk with some cool “Hawthorne Heights-esque” screams tossed in. Literally every song is good. For fans of: Joy Division, Interpol, The Cinematics, Boot Blacks, Spectres, Hawthorne Heights, early Editors. The music is as cool as the album art. If they released a vinyl of this I would snatch it up without a second thought.
  15. Memento Mori
    by Hail the Void
  16. Cuerpos en Sombra
    by Ikarie
  17. Rites of Despair
    by Fórn
    (Altar of) Moss, Lichen & Blood (Altar of) Moss, Lichen & Blood
    I own two copies of this LP in case one gets scratched. THAT’S how PHENOMENAL this album is. I’m not gonna mince words here; this album is 5 frickin stars. It is dark, despondent, somber, transcendent, DARKNESS. And it’s pensive and BEAUTIFUL. I’m going to learn the clean guitar part in the middle of “Alter of…” because it’s absolutely devastating. My gosh, enrich your life and buy this.
  18. Still Life In Decay
    by FACS
  19. Cemetery Of Buried Hopes
    by Arouse The Darkness
    Dead World Dead World
    This has become my soundtrack to late winter forest walks through snow & cold. The perfect soundtrack. Absolutely excellent-cover to cover. The production, recording, writing, & musicianship are all top tier. The somber, quieter, pensive moments are beautiful & perfectly juxtapose to the darker, more intense music. If you love early Paradise Lost & Decembre Noir you will love this melodic death-doom excellence. Would buy an LP version of this without even batting an eye.
  20. Folium Limina
    by The Otolith