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  1. On tue ici
    by Rouille
  2. À la fin sera l'écrit
    by Rouille
  3. Directo #1
    by Balcanes
  4. Plataforma / Autopista
    by Balcanes
  5. Carne Nueva
    by Balcanes
  6. The strangest part of the dream is that the water was alive
    by Shit Creek
  7. An Embrace
    by Various Artists
  8. Opus Caementicium ( Gaffer records 2019)
    by Cement Shoes
  9. The Fall of the Damned
    by ALBATRE
  10. Rat Licker
    by Dead Neanderthals
  11. Involution
    by Dave Seidel
  12. Черная земля
    by Вирь и Григорий Аврорин
  13. Age of Darkness and Frost (remastered)
    by Moon And Azure Shadow
  14. Supercontinent
    by Thecodontion
  15. To The Great Monolith II
    by DVT
  16. DEMO II
  17. Baptism In Psychical Analects
    by Akantha
  18. Gnothi Seauton
    by Akantha
  19. Apocalyptic Psalms
    by Akantha
  20. Ruins of Humanity
    by Akantha, Hajduk, Nimbifer, Sørgelig