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J.A. Colmont

  1. Fürth, Germany
  2. Metal
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  1. Par Un Sourire
    Tu es Inscrite Dans les Lignes du Plafond (Histoire d' Isabelle Partie Une) Tu es Inscrite Dans les Lignes du Plafond (Histoire d' Isabelle Partie Une)
  2. Homemade Lemonade
    by Ette
    Heaven Knows Heaven Knows
    This album is giving you from the beginning good mood, it does not matter if your day was shitty. You play the whole album (Pink LP or MP3) and you will feel the power. Y really like her voice. Even if you never dance, this record will make you dance... Believe me :D
  3. Is It Anything or Is It Everything?
    by Baby Bry Bry
    Hear, My Dear (Feat. Parabellum) Hear, My Dear (Feat. Parabellum)
  4. CAOS (Album)
    by Can Can
    Caos Caos
    Ich folge diese Band seit Jahren, ich wusste nicht, dass sie eine Bandcamp Seite hatten/haben.
    Diese Band kommt aus Ecuador (wo ich geboren bin) und ich kann nur sagen, dass diese Mucke kann besonders euren Montags schön machen, voll die gute Laune Musik. Empfehlenswert :D
  5. October People
    by October People
    The Garden The Garden
    Your music is really awesome! I'm really sorry that you split up :(
    This is "Good mood" music
  6. Frozen Shield - Deafening Woods (EP)
    by Frozen Shield
    Harvest Of Deceit Harvest Of Deceit
    I met the Singer and the keyboard player in Barcelona as I played 3 years ago with my band. I can tell you for sure that this band is great, the music is exactly what a band of this kind should be. People make always the mistake comparing bands with other ones. This band is authentic and knows how to make their music, not being boring for listeners of this genre.
    by Bathsheba
    Demon 13 Demon 13
    What an awesome album *__*
    heavy guitars arrangements and of course the voice of the singer....

    This is exactly what i always imagine, if someone tells me "this band is making occult doom" Her voice is like an evil witch in the woods with an angelical and aggressive voice.
    by Bathsheba
    Daughter of the Oath Daughter of the Oath
  9. Lunar Asylum
    by Order to Ruin
    Planet Zero Planet Zero
  10. snarg
    by snarg
    (◕__◕) (◕__◕)
    Perfect music for your children :D
  11. Guilt and His Reflection
    by Wildspeaker
    Halo of Grey Halo of Grey
  12. Iron and Wood
    Return to the Cave Return to the Cave
  13. "Same Title" LP
    by Herder
    Wasted Wasted
  14. Horror Vacui
    by Herder
    Stoned To Death Stoned To Death
  15. Old Witch // Keeper Split
    by Keeper
    A Gathering Of Strangers Who Knew The Deceased But Not Too Well A Gathering Of Strangers Who Knew The Deceased But Not Too Well
  16. Ingen klass Ingen stil
    by Slöa Knivar
    Jag fattar ente Jag fattar ente
  17. Tire Fire
    by Trapped Within Burning Machinery
  18. Keep the Faith
    by Alexia Coley
    Keep the Faith Keep the Faith
  19. GODS
    by Herder
    SoulHarvester SoulHarvester
  20. Ai Ai Syndrome
    歪 Love 歪 Love
  21. Spiritual Alchemy
    by Synkletos
    The Ascent The Ascent
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  22. Fergean
    by Herder
  23. The Creature That I Call Myself
    by Julie Arsenault
    Bad Words Bad Words
    From the first to the last song. This album took my attention in such an strange way that I'm not even able to describe. This album has feeling and her wonderful voice. Sadly i was not able to get any lyrics of this album
  24. Ritual Rites
    by The Sabbathian
    Ritual Rites Ritual Rites
    This music is taking me to 70's catchy tunes and awesome female voice.
  25. Consuming The Morgue Remains Re-Issue
    by Devour The Unborn
    Compulsive Meatcleaver Amputation Compulsive Meatcleaver Amputation
    I really love slam. there is nowadays only bad bands who try to copy other bands. This album/band is really catchy and groovy. Breee brees are really good you can dance without problem :D
  26. Any Colour You Like
    by Black
    Sweetest Smile (2011 Re-Record) Sweetest Smile (2011 Re-Record)
    Only to listen the first 2 minutes of this Album, and i was so glad to found this Music, this voice. Never is too late to look for good Music, Music make with the heart :)
  27. Plexus Of Harmonies
    by Iberis & Eguana
    Iberis & Eguana - Moon Breeze Iberis & Eguana - Moon Breeze
    Wonderful voice - Wonderful Music to relax
  28. Nowhere
    by Iberis & Eguana
    Iberis & Eguana - Sunrise Iberis & Eguana - Sunrise
    wonderful, relax, beautiful. Nice "Meisterwerk"
  29. Loose Connection
    by Archway Towers
    Perfect Mistake Perfect Mistake
    From the first to the last track i was not able to stop to listen this album. Really good job. :)
  30. Breaking the Rules
    by Archway Towers
    City of Rust City of Rust
    2cond album also a good job, i should confess, that the first one is even better, but this one has the same tune/groove, you don't want to stop to dance :D
  31. Dark Days Ahead
    by GILO
    To The Best Of My Knowledge To The Best Of My Knowledge
    Gilo are a really good live band, i played with my band in 2011. Since i saw them live, i liked their music so much
  32. Blood Drinkers Only
    by Beware The Dangers Of A Ghost Scorpion!
    Room 505 Room 505
    I was missing the voice, but after to listen the whole album i don't need the voice anymore, you can chill with these tunes every time, everywhere..... I love it
  33. Riviera
    by Jessica Gall
    Rain Rain
    Wunderbare Stimme, Musik Top.
    Da will jemand sofort tanzen, oder auf dem Sofa bei einer Tasse Kaffee in der Hand, die Sonnenuntergang sehen/genießen. Sehr tolles Album
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  34. Silent Veil Of My Doom
    by Tears Of Mankind
    For One For One
    Melancholic tunes, the sound of the guitars are perfect, to give this album a 90's sound. I like it a lot.
  35. Freequency
    by JEHNZA
    Meaning of Life Meaning of Life
    To listen this album is like to be on vacation... (A long vacation) in an island drinking coconut water and lying on the sand enjoining the freedom. Beautiful voice.
  36. O, You Sinners
    by Eliza Rickman
    Pretty Little Head Pretty Little Head
    Wow, this is really brutal! I like it a lot :D
    what a voice an arrangements...
  37. WAVES EP
    Teeth Teeth
    I can chill at my room drinking beer and enjoining a delicious salad. Some kind of strange but i like it a lot :D
  38. More Constant Than The Gods
    by SubRosa
    Ghosts Of A Dead Empire Ghosts Of A Dead Empire
    don't know how to describe it, one thing is sure. First time I listened to this band was on a Monday at work (i did not know this band before) I checked some random doom bands and I choose the second tune. dude, my day started really bad at work, after that I listened the whole album I had a better mood and motivation. This music is much more than awesome. I really like it. The guitars, the violins, the down tempo, and of course the vocals. Sounds of desperation with some touch of beautifulness