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Jordan P. Jenkins III

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  1. Deserted
    by Gatecreeper
    Boiled Over Boiled Over
    Gatecreeper is one of my favorite bands. I didn't hesitate to pre-order this record. Chase Mason is a legend. my neck already hurts from head banging to Boiled over!
  2. I. The Imminent Decline of Human Spirit
    by Bones of the Earth
    Meridian Beast Meridian Beast
    Bones of the Earth is the love child that Mastodon would have if Mastodon made love with Mastodon! there are sick riffs and cave man vocals. much respect for this record.
  3. EP. 1
    by Beastmaker
    Colors Of The Dark Colors Of The Dark
    Yeet! I just threw my newborn. I just head banged my way into being a single man with no kids! all hail metal!
  4. Existential Void Guardian
    by Conan
    very loud DOOM! head banging central!
  5. Nightmare Logic
    by Power Trip
    Nightmare Logic Nightmare Logic
    I love head banging, I love punch dancing, and I love metal. Power Trip encompasses all of that for me. No doubt in my mind it will for you,too.