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  1. Low Dose
    by Low Dose
  2. Night in the Woods Vol. 1: At The End Of Everything
    by Alec Holowka
  3. Hungry For Nothing
    by Fight Amp
  4. Constantly Off
    by Fight Amp
  5. Birth Control
    by Fight Amp
  6. Nervous Like Me
    by Cayetana
  7. The Secret Mirror
    by Rainbowdragoneyes
  8. Music from 1001 Spikes
    by RushJet1
  9. FEZ OST
    by Disasterpeace
    Majesty Majesty
  10. Mega Man 3 Remade
    by RushJet1
    Needle Man Needle Man
    RushJet1 knows the ins-and-outs of the NES soundchip and its familiars and this album proves that in spades. An already stellar ost turns into an entirely different listen that RushJet1 has enhanced with obvious love of the originals and appropriate flair. Maybe Capcom will notice and give him a gig one of these days!
  11. Encounters
    by Zantilla
    4th Kind 4th Kind
  12. Triptunes
    by Blitz Lunar
    Child Play Zone Child Play Zone
  13. FZ: Side F
    by Various Artists
  14. Motorway
    by Fearofdark
  15. West
    by Disasterpeace / Derris-Kharlan
  16. Chip Ship
    by Yoann Turpin
    by VileCorvid
  18. 8STATIC - Philly Chip Vol. 1
    by Various Artists