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Ioannis Valiakos

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  2. Rock
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  1. Black Horizon
    by Torpedo Torpedo
  2. Espectrofilia EP
    by Satánico Pandemonium
  3. Sleep Panic Repeat
    by Ultima Radio
  4. Rosa Mystica
    by Cauchemar
  5. Poems From The Sea
    by Cenozoa
  6. Endless Garden
  7. Visions
    by Gypsybyrd
  8. The Last Drop
    by Dätcha Mandala
  9. D A R W I N
    by Red Sun Atacama
  10. Queen Corrosia
    by Soul Grinder
  11. Ephemeral
    by Blue Heron
  12. Hifiklub/Iggor Cavalera/Alain Johannes/Scorpion Dagger - Scorpklub I & II
    by Electric Valley Records
  13. Peth - Merchant Of Death
    by Electric Valley Records
  14. Electric Mountain - Valley Giant
    by Electric Valley Records
  15. Fuzzeremony
    by Electric Cult
    Warlocks Of The Mangrove Warlocks Of The Mangrove
    If you love towering riffs, big drums and throaty vocals, look no further. The new album by Electric Cult creates a doomy wall of sound that ticks all the right boxes and more. FFO Electric Wizard, Baroness. Check them out today!
  16. LOSS
    by Birdstone
  17. Turn To Stone
    by Grey Giant
  18. Buah!
    by Cró!
  19. Gloaming (EP) 2022
    by Deepshade
    The Wolf The Wolf
    The boys from Manchester have really knocked the ball out of the park this time! Five songs in an EP that is every bit as satisfying as a whole album, with influences that range from Stone Temple Pilots to King Buffalo and Pink Floyd. Catchy hooks, big riffs and gripping vocals with winks to Whitfield Crane. I enjoyed every note of the sax and with every listen a new layer is peeled. No doubt, this EP will find itself in many end-of-year lists, and you should check it out today to find out why!
  20. Tr3s
    by SageNESS