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  1. Zodiac Childs-Circuits EP (Light Blue)
    by Zodiac Childs
  2. Obergman-Angular Momentum 2x12 test pressings
    by Obergman
  3. Lobec-5am Nostalgia EP (Green vinyl edition)
    by Lobec
  4. Rolando Simmons-Forced Hypnosis EP (Silver Copies) PRE ORDER 1 PER PERSON ONLY
    by Rolando Simmons-Forced Hypnosis EP PRE ORDER 1 PER PERSON
  5. Rolando Simmons-Forced Hypnosis EP (Black Copies) PRE ORDER
    by Rolando Simmons
  6. Bck T• Lvng
    by Sven Kössler
  7. [AF027] E Drive EP
    by Bewwip
  8. Cignol - Syzygy LP
    by Lunar Disko Records
  9. Various Artist Furthur Artefacts Crystal clear vinyl (One per person)
    by Various Artists/Furthur Artefacts// Clear transparent vinyl/One per person
  10. [AF025] Dark Phase EP
    by Pye Corner Audio
  11. Eye Can See The Darkness (In The End Of The Tunnel)
    by ITPDWIP
  12. Brainwaltzera-Alepoch EP
    by Brainwaltzera
  13. COG003
    by Junq
  14. [AF001] Periscope EP
    by D'Arcangelo
  15. [AF002] Welkin EP
    by Dwaallicht
  16. Song For Alpha [PHLP09]
    by Daniel Avery
  17. Forgotten Wasteland EP
    by Claro Intelecto
  18. The Lonely Machine - [FS019]
    by John Shima
  19. Cobalt Blue
    by Silicon Scally
  20. Talbot Sunbeam
    by Cignol