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  1. Stockport, UK
  2. Alternative
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  1. making do #6
    by Kate Carr
  2. making do with a broken guitar
    by Kate Carr
  3. The Gestalt Manifesto
    by Castles in Space Subscription Library
    Subscription Library exclusive
  4. capital
    by trust fund
  5. ILY2
    by NewDad
  6. AIR
    by SAULT
  7. Live at D-Day
    by Polypores Subscription
    subscriber exclusive
  8. Upcycling
  9. Scotland, UK
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  10. Live at the Doghouse, Dundee (Desk Recording)
    by Gerils
  11. Surrender (Extended Play)
    by Spare Snare
  12. Spare Snare (Jan Burnett - solo), Love Music, Glasgow, BBC 6 Music RSD Launch Day 21/03/2017.
    by Spare Snare
  13. the rock and cock live tape.
    by Let's Evolve!
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  14. Spare Snare (Jan Burnett - solo), 13th Note, Glasgow, in support of Calacas 17/06/17.
    by Spare Snare
  15. mixtape
    by Spare Snare
  16. The Pauline Alexander e.p.
    by The Grand Gestures
  17. Blondie, A Debut?
    by Spare Snare
  18. Live at Servant Jazz Quarters, London September 10th 2015, Official Bootleg.
    by Spare Snare
  19. Aftertaste
    by Spare Snare
  20. Wired For Sound (Cliff Richard Cover Version)
    by Spare Snare