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  1. A winter ritual
    by Morbærsanger
  2. Bondage Morningstar
    by Autoerotichrist
  3. Spindrift
    by Aube
  4. "Reach" (NORENT034)
    by Ana Fosca & Vanity Productions
  5. Exclave
    by Cryocene
  6. Extinctionist
    by Kjostad
  7. Form Hunter
    by Form Hunter
  8. A Night At The Theatre
    by K.P.G. / Gay Nightmare Support Group / Irony Point
  9. Without Seeing and Without Knowing
    by Prayer Rope
  10. Rotten Heart
    by cop funeral
  11. The Skin Factory
    by Tantric Death
  12. Despair In The Gutter I
    by Death Glaze
  13. Ohne Titel 2020
    by Chemiefaserwerk
  14. Persian Pillars Of The Gasoline Era
    by Vatican Shadow
  15. SR-71 Blackbird Survivors
    by Vatican Shadow
  16. The Birth of Tragedy
    by Various Artists
  17. First Report
    by Serrated Tapes
  18. Any Government That Places Profit Before People Is Pure Evil
    by Like Weeds
  19. From Voyeur To Victim
    by Bacillus
  20. ONLY