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Jon White

  1. Farnborough, UK
  2. Metal
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  1. Venom
    by Datûra
  2. Жыві! (Live!)
    by Dymna Lotva
  3. Besenken
    by Asarhaddon
  4. Datûra
    by Datûra
    I: The Spark I: The Spark
  5. Alive
    Circle of Lies Circle of Lies
  6. Ensomhet
    by Absence Of Life
  7. The Fall
    by Absence Of Life
    Chapter I. Pain Chapter I. Pain
  8. Supplication
    by Jo Quail, Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari
  9. Invocation
    by Jo Quail, Maria Franz
  10. Скон (Single)
    by Dymna Lotva
  11. Крумкачы Таксама Смяротныя (Single)
    by Dymna Lotva
  12. Трудна, нудна на сэрдуньку (Single)
    by Dymna Lotva
  13. Да волі (feat. Lesley Knife)
    by Dymna Lotva
  14. VIII (Symphonic version)
    by Dymna Lotva
  15. Embers demos
    by Cwfen
    Bodies Keep Score (Demo) Bodies Keep Score (Demo)
  16. Inzehr (Инзер) EP
    by Vspolokh
    Shigyr (Шићиръ) Shigyr (Шићиръ)
  17. Oneiromancer
    by Bismarck
    Hara Hara
  18. Blackbraid II
    by Blackbraid
  19. Doom metal Compilation - Volume 1
    by Dark East Productions
  20. Thurofreminga
    by Asarhaddon
    Kummer Kummer