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  1. Mindsphere - Mental Triplex : Mindream
    by Mindsphere
    Solitude Solitude
    Very beautiful and dreamy ambient. I literally sail away every time I listen to it.
  2. Mindsphere - Mental Triplex : Presence
    by Mindsphere
    Back to the Roots Back to the Roots
  3. Fluid Dynamics (流体動力)
    by Denshi Danshi
    Mars Base Alpha Mars Base Alpha
  4. Beyond Duality
    by Crossing Mind
    No Hazardous Material Signs No Hazardous Material Signs
  5. Ra - Earthcall
    by Ra
    Crossing Planet Crossing Planet
  6. Morphic Resonance - The City of Moons
    by Suntrip Records
    SUN Project - Space Dwarfs (Morphic Resonance Remix) SUN Project - Space Dwarfs (Morphic Resonance Remix)
    This album just rocks. Morphic Resonance is about loosing yourself completely on the dancefloor. It's impossible to resist the juicy beats and driving synths, and not jump around like a maniac! Then there are those trippy melodies and mean acidlines to twist your mind and break your sanity. And it just goes on and on and on... I find the tracks overall very powerful and an hommage to the rawness of early goa trance sound. For me it leaves nothing to be desired. :-)
  7. Chromatic World (Revisited)
    by Morphic Resonance
    Epsilon Aurigae Epsilon Aurigae
    An EP of killer tracks! In-your-face psychedelic madness. It shows even less mercy than "The City of Moons". I love it.
  8. Imba - First Encounter
    by Suntrip Records
    Cosmos in her Eyes Cosmos in her Eyes
  9. Afgin - Astral Experience
    by Afgin
    Journey Through Acid Journey Through Acid
    A classic of goa-trance. I love Afgin's fast, melodic sound. I've often seen it described as "sunrise goa" and I find that's true. (He has released 3 mini-albums of uplifting goa on, make sure to check those out as well!)
  10. Dimensional Gateway 4 (Veil Of The Moon)
    by Various Artists
    It's Alive It's Alive
    Very nice goa compilation; I find it quite acidic. =)
    You can find parts 1-3 on, they're just as good!
  11. Growth
    by Mathias Fekjær // Hello Mellow // Steve Hex
    Amanita Amanita
    Really beautiful and trippy chillout music with some dub influences. I find some of the tracks to be pretty dreamy (for instance Cavedwellers and Yggdrasil)... so close your eyes and sail away! This album gave me a wonderful experience when I listened to it while meditating in the forest... Thank you Mathias! =)
  12. Nothing but a Title
    by New Born
    Gentle Perfection Gentle Perfection
    Modern psy trance from Belgium, with a lot of influences from the old Goa days. A playful listen that I enjoy very much! Also, it's very trippy. :-)
  13. Cosmic Dubs
    by Bluetech
    Somatic Serenade Somatic Serenade
    Somatics Serenade is certainly one of the most beautiful pieces of music I've ever heard... I usually rate music on a scale (0...5) but this track somhow is a 6. It is so good that it makes the rest of the EP appear mediocre in comparison... although it is actually very nice!
  14. Tons Of Sky
    by Giyo
    Astro (Give You All I Can) Astro (Give You All I Can)
    The inimitable Giyo! Some of the most beautiful music. Every track is a real gem. It's so hard to name a favourite one!
  15. VA - Ten Spins Around the Sun
    by Suntrip Records
    Sevilla in Trance Sevilla in Trance
    This triple-CD beauty is a good starting point if you want try Suntrip-sound I think. And do yourself a favor and get it in physical form as well! It's crafted with lots of love.
  16. Dissolving Archetypes
    by (val)Liam
    Pacific Pacific
    Downtempo and ambient, very nice to come down gently after a hectic day or night.
  17. Pleiadians - I.F.O. [I.dentified F.lying O.bject]
    by Pleiadians
    Merope Merope
    This is a 3-CD-album: I.F.O. live, the original I.F.O. album, and a CD with tracks formerly released only on Vinyl. All by Pleiadians, from back then when I was but a small child. If you have any interest in goa trance, you must have this. Period.
  18. Perpetual Energy
    by Celestial Intelligence
    Constant Motion Constant Motion
    This here, completely blew me over when I first listened to it and still does. Pure acidic madness it is, and you cannot sit still: You must dance! Beautiful melodies intertwined, collossal beat landscapes... just listen to it, now. Surrender, and give yourself away to the music!
  19. VA - Aurora Sidera
    by Suntrip Records
    8. Celestial Intelligence - Inevitable Feelings 8. Celestial Intelligence - Inevitable Feelings
    Aurora Sidera builds up over the course of the album and after the last track, releases you with lots of positive energy! I love suntrip's VA's, they're always composed with so much care...
  20. Gateways of Consciousness
    by Kaminanda
    Temple of De'Light Temple of De'Light
    A masterpiece of psychedelic dub and a must-have if your are into that. Put headphones on, lay on your bed and have an 80-minutes aural trip.
  21. when melancholy speaks
    by lemonchill
    Pantha Rhei Pantha Rhei
    A very beautiful chillout collection! Embrace the sound and let go...
  22. InnerSpace - InnerSpace
    by InnerSpace
    InnerSpace InnerSpace
    The inner space is the Universe that exists only inside of you, or reversed, maybe, everything that does not exist outside of you. It is truly infinite. And it can be as crazy as you can imagine it... Enjoy!
  23. Khetzal - Corolle
    by Khetzal
    Khetzal - Avasari Khetzal - Avasari
    This is one of my favorite albums of Suntrip Records. It is diverse, it tells a story... uplifting, playful and overall pretty damn good. In one word: Candy. If you like those trippy melodies, this is for you.
  24. Doof - Let's Turn On - Remixed & Remastered
    by Doof
    Destination Bom Destination Bom
    If you have a liking for old-school goa trance, you 100% want this. Another top-quality release of DAT-Records, with 15-page booklet and all. The psytrance from days long past... close your eyes, and fly!
  25. Etnica - Live In Athens 1996
    by Etnica
    Pleiadians - Time Dilation (Etnica Morning Mix) Pleiadians - Time Dilation (Etnica Morning Mix)
    I could not possibly resist buying it. I mean, it was like sitting in a Tree full of ripe cherries... Etnica in their full glory back then. It stands worthy alongside Pleiadians's I.F.O.
  26. Symbiote - Symbiote EP
    by Symbiote
    Symbiote - ...Tiara Symbiote - ...Tiara
    This is extremely psychedelic stuff and very intelligently compiled... it is definitely not a casual listen, but if you are interested in a very long and deep journey, here, take that! You'll certainly not be disappointed. I, at least, hadn't heard something like this before, nor deemed it possible...
  27. Crop Circles - Tetrahedron
    by Crop Circles
    Lunar Civilization (Pleiadians Remix) Lunar Civilization (Pleiadians Remix)
    I find every track of the album pretty damn good. DAT Records has been founded to release this and I recommend checking them out if you are into this kind of oldschool goa trance.
  28. VA - Analog Dreams
    by Various Artists
    LSD '93 LSD '93
    I was amazed when I found this, very powerful old goa-trance!
  29. Crossing Mind - The Holographic Paradigm
    by Crossing Mind
    Terminal Fantasy Terminal Fantasy
    One thing I especially like about goa trance is this feeling of a neverending rollercoaster ride it takes you on. Well, prepare for an 80-minutes ride; I find every track of this album exceptional.
  30. Blue Planet Corporation - A Blueprint For Survival
    by Blue Planet Corporation
    Hemo Static II Hemo Static II
    Smooth, flowing, melodic psychedelic trance. Mostly, it's not as danceable as psytrance usually is, though; it's the more dreamy kind.
  31. Opale - Anaconda's Dance EP
    by Opale
    Hackers Hackers
    A very nice gem to have in your collection if you are an old-school lover!
  32. Vedama & Spies - Photonic EP
    by Vedama & Spies
    Scanate Scanate
    I am pretty amazed how psychedelic this EP is. I am not shure you could safely play this on a party, lest to endanger the sanity of your guests, but it gives a very strong listen. Those old synth melodies still kick ass!
  33. Play Your Joker EP
    by Giyo
    Summer Breeze (Set Sail) Summer Breeze (Set Sail)
    Giyo's first EP; smooth, chill out trip-hop with that gypsy Giyo-flow. I love it so much. :-)
  34. A Sign
    by Noahs Boat
    Watching The River Watching The River
    I love this album because it is made by Noahs Boat. It's as simple as that. He never made a track that was not blissful so far.
  35. Electrypnose - Sweet Sadness
    by Electrypnose
    Triste Gaité Triste Gaité
    There is no happyness without sweetnss... Very nice downtempo album!
  36. Merr0w - Born Underwater
    by Merr0w
    Aquarius Aquarius
    This sounds pretty oldschool goa production-wise, yet at the same time has a special atmosphere. A tad darker, maybe.
  37. Ra - 9th
    by Suntrip Records
    Intro Intro
    This album has a certain epicness to it. :-)
  38. Mindsphere - Patience for Heaven
    by Mindsphere
    Patience for Heaven Patience for Heaven
    Sometimes, we forget to be patient with our selves. Thank you, Mindsphere, for reminding me in dark times.
  39. Food for Happiness EP
    by Demouche
    Demouche - Sweet Dávila Demouche - Sweet Dávila
    I'm normally not so much into hip-hop, but I find this is pretty cool stuff.
  40. D.M.T. Records - Chapter 1
    by D.M.T. Records
    Locust - Original Mix Locust - Original Mix
    Dark, minimal (dub-) techno. Concrete, steel, glass and sound. This is chapter one of four of year 2013 -- the beginning of a very long story!
  41. Digital Collapse Lp
    by Cubex
    Corrupt Souls (Original Mix) Corrupt Souls (Original Mix)
    Nice beatscapes on this one, I could dance to this. Dark Techno.
  42. The Nechromaticon Verses
    by Florian Msk
    492 (Original Mix) 492 (Original Mix)
    Serious sh*t! If you're into psy techno, this is a feast for your ears.