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  1. Super Mario Land
    by Dusty Zahrt
  2. The Very Best of SEGA
    by Bad Dudes
  3. A Tribute to Yasunori Mitsuda
    by Bad Dudes
  4. Journey of the Heart (A Ni No Kuni Tribute)
    by Mark Choi
  5. Ikenfell (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by aivi & surasshu
  6. Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Original Soundtrack
    by Borislav Slavov
  7. Mega Man - Rise of Mr. X OST
    by Mark Soto "Blaz"
  8. Eastward original soundtrack
    by Joel Corelitz
  9. Freedom Planet Official Soundtrack
    by Woofle and Strife feat. BlueWarrior and Dawn
  10. Freedom Planet 2 Soundtrack (Official Game Rip)
    by GalaxyTrail
  11. Chained Echoes (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by Eddie Marianukroh
  12. Strings of Fate
    by String Player Gamer
    by Zackery Wilson
  14. Timesplitters Future Perfect
    by Graeme Norgate
  15. Castlevania: The Adventure
    by Dusty Zahrt
  16. Panzer Paladin (Classic 8-bit Soundtrack)
    by Patrice Bourgeault
  17. Mega Man V GB - 2A03 Soundtrack Remake
    by IsabelleChiming
  18. Dead Pixels
    by Retroboy 64
  19. Album 3 - Backwards Compatible
    by The 8-Bit Big Band
  20. Cthulhu Saves the World OST
    by Gordon McNeil