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  1. Prokopton
    by Aephanemer
  2. Seid
  3. Astral Necromancy
    by Hoth
  4. Oathbreaker
    by Hoth
  5. Infinite Darkness
    by Hoth
  6. Dalle rive del Curone
    by Svirnath
  7. Exercises in futility LP 2015
    by Mgła
  8. At the Resting Depths Eternal
    by Pagan Hellfire
  9. Sempiternal Wisdom
    by Pure Wrath
  10. Of Erthe and Axen Act II (2017)
    by Xanthochroid
  11. Of Erthe and Axen: Act I (2017)
    by Xanthochroid
  12. Aseitas
    by Aseitas
  13. ​Unterm Gipfelthron
  14. Dead and Alive
    by Parasite Inc.
  15. Oblivion
    by Realm of Wolves
  16. Ofnir
    by Heilung
  17. Forgotten Paths
    by Saor
  18. Guardians
    by Saor
  19. Aura
    by Saor
  20. Roots
    by Saor
  21. Fortress of Primal Grace
    by Vallendusk
    Coronation Coronation
    This pagan/black metal album is packed with a lot of positive vibes and dynamic tempo changes. All songs let no space for musical boredom. Headbanging guaranteed. I have to admit that I never heard anything from Indonesian black metal so far, but I'm really impressed.
  22. Black Clouds Gathering
    by Vallendusk
  23. A Dark Forgotten Past
    by Eldamar
  24. The Force Of The Ancient Land
    by Eldamar
    Spirit Of The North Spirit Of The North
    Highly atmospheric black metal. Perfect album to sit and chill. A little less keyboard would make this a real masterpiece. Nevertheless a very strong release. Buy recommendation without a question.
  25. The Shadowed Road
    by Sojourner
    The Shadowed Road The Shadowed Road
    A dense atmospheric black metal fantasy journey where the warrior (harsh male vocal) is accompanied by the the princess (clear female vocal). The story telling is supported by a piano, acoustic guitars and flutes. Sojourners second album is on the same high level as the first one. Emotional and wonderful.
  26. Empires of Ash
    by Sojourner
    Empires of Ash Empires of Ash
    Highly recommend Sojourners debut album. This is a fantasy journey for your ears. You will hear wide grass land, rocky mountains, love stories, epic battles and for sure a happy ending.
  27. New Dawn
    by Countless Skies
    Return Return
    This is a melodic death metal masterpiece. Every track is epic, emotional and powerful. Great compositions paired with high quality production. No doubt an absolutely must buy in this genre.
  28. Emergence
    by Shylmagoghnar
    Emergence Emergence
    This is the perfect album when you want to listen to a mix of melodic death metal, progressive and a
    very tiny touch of black. For me the strongest track is "Emergence", it starts like a typical Maiden song and transforms into Amon Amarth. "A New Dawn" is very good as well.
  29. Malady X
  30. The Ichor Carcinoma
    by Buried Realm
    Apeiron II - Global Dreamer Apeiron II - Global Dreamer
    It doesn't hit my personal taste. If you are into technical death metal I am sure you will like it.