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  1. The Search for the Golden Fleece
    by Eddie Logix
  2. Yellow Cabin
    by Mega Powers & Airjob
  3. The Petscop Investigation - OST
    by David Stockdale
  4. Tearless
    by Amnesia Scanner
  5. Love Song
    by Young Galaxy
  6. Mr. Maker, Vol. 2
    by Mr. Maker
  7. Mr. Maker, Vol. 1
    by Mr. Maker
    That's Me 3 That's Me 3
    I love everything about this series, but I think a key part of what makes it so spellbinding is the soundtrack. Identifying a single favorite track is hard. Anything with that somber, distorted piano tone is the ticket. The entire “that’s me” sequence, or any of the “road_to_grave” scenes give me goosebumps just thinking about them. Please keep going!
  8. Petscop Soundtrack
    by Rainer
  9. Spirit
    by Riches
  10. Down Time
    by Young Galaxy
  11. World Tour (The Red Tape)
    by Mega Powers
    Never Be Like You Remix (Flume feat. Kai) Never Be Like You Remix (Flume feat. Kai)
  12. Valley Hush
    by Valley Hush
    Iced Cream Iced Cream
    This is a perfect album.
  13. Spilled Love
    by Greater Alexander
  14. Into The Water
    by Ritual Howls
  15. Into The Water
    by Ritual Howls
  16. The Rainbow Room EP
    by Sleepless Inn
    Dreaming Dreaming
  17. Small World
    by James Linck
    Spark The Babies Spark The Babies
  18. Iris
    by Valley Hush
    This song is unlike anything else I've ever heard. In almost exactly five minutes, I've burst into flames and risen from my own ashes. Valley Hush continues to blow my mind.
  19. Bitchcraft
    by Cheerleader
    Friday Night Bites Friday Night Bites
  20. Positive Love
    by Greater Alexander
    Positive Love Positive Love