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John Anderson

  1. Perth, Australia
  2. Electronic
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  1. 2k10-2k20
    by clocolan
    hopetown hopetown
    What an incredible album. Emlyn's music is constantly evolving. He's easily the most exciting artist out there right now. Cant wait for what comes next.
  2. Skin In The Game
    by Cult48
  3. incide
    by clocolan
  4. Renaissance (24bit)
    by ASURA
    IM - 24bit IM - 24bit
    Unbelievably good ! Charles has taken his signature sound of the slow build up into a relentless bass to a whole new level. WOW !! His best yet.
  5. Crystal Pleasures
    by Faex Optim
    Came In Screaming Came In Screaming
    Hard to pick a favourite track on this when they're all so good. Fantastic album. It's right up there with the best. Thanks Wesley.
  6. Seeker
    by Carbon Based Lifeforms
  7. Intricate Cyphers
    by Cult48
  8. From The Ashes
    by Cult48
  9. Formations (24bit)
    by Solar Fields
    Animals (24bit) Animals (24bit)
    Wow. Another incredible Solar Fields album. Magnus never disappoints.
  10. Heat Death
    by Dalham
  11. Waves
    by Dalham
  12. Janus
    by Dalham
  13. Onwards System (24bit)
    by CELL
  14. Around Alone
    by Panama Fleets
  15. A Light for Attracting Attention
    by The Smile
    At Last. More Thom Yorke. Such a great album. Back to early Radiohead sound.
  16. no/op
    by clocolan
  17. Bon Voyage
    by Vector Lovers
  18. Zeaolanda
    by Panama Fleets
  19. Merge
    by clocolan
    Emlyn never disappoints.
  20. Bygone Dreams
    by The Fade Beta