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  1. Kingdom Of The Sun
    by Sammy Boller
    The Empress The Empress
    Wow! What a tremendous and criminally under exposed guitarist! I've heard a lot of guitar-centric instrumental music and most of it gets lost in the artist attempting ride every scale or just solo into oblivion, losing the emotional connection. Not Sammy though. His skills are still on exquisite display as he crafts beautiful tracks that exist somewhere on the prog rock/metal spectrum. Very original and compelling work!
  2. Z as in Zebra
    by ZALATAN
    Grand Scheme Grand Scheme
    This is an incredible new talent both in the synthwave and guitar virtuoso genre. The backing compositions are expertly crafted
    and full of that blissed out synthwave sound, while the guitar accompaniment weaves in and out without overpowering the overall song structure. The restraint demonstrated is impressive because it's clear she could shred a fret board for an entire album at the expense of losing what makes her sound so unique. Fantastic first release, can't wait to hear more!
  3. Overcome
    by Kalax
    Is it possible to have enough Kalax in your music library? I think not! Kalax has a knack for what I consider synthwave summer soundtrack vibes, and this track is no exception. Can't get enough!
  4. MANIAC feat Yann Ligner
    by Carpenter Brut
    I didn't think I needed the studio version of this track, but I was very, very wrong.
  5. III
    by Kalax
    Night Dreamer Night Dreamer
    Kalax really knows how to craft a synthwave experience and even though I'm not crazy about all of the vocal tracks, I can't deny the appeal of this album. It's refreshing when an artist can pay homage to their influences while finding ways to keep things fresh and original. Also, that Kalax III T-shirt design is gorgeous!
  6. Create. Affect. Repeat.
    by Divinex
    Immortalize Immortalize
    I'm a sucker for melodic djent bands that push the boundaries with epic tracks spanning more than 10 minutes, and Divinex delivers in spades. There's plenty of moody interludes between absolutely stunning guitar, bass, and drum work which culminates in a closing track that satisfies on every level.
  7. III (The Instrumentals)
    by Kalax
    Out of Time (feat. Pyxis, Jay Diggs) [Instrumental] Out of Time (feat. Pyxis, Jay Diggs) [Instrumental]
    Definitely needed to pick up the instrumental versions of these tracks because the synthwave bliss of the song structures is on full display here.
  8. Kalax
    by Kalax
    The Ride (Into The Midnight) The Ride (Into The Midnight)
    This artist definitely leans heavier into the chill side of the synthwave genre, but there's still plenty of pulse here to keep things moving. This is a great soundtrack to the warmer months of the year and features some marvelous saxophone tracks.
  9. Imperium
    by Zombie Hyperdrive
    Refuse to Lose Refuse to Lose
    An excellent blend of synthwave and cyberpunk, there's plenty to love here from both perspectives. Each track contributes to the overall vision and features some epic guitar work that really elevates this album to upper echelons of the genre.
  10. Relive // Regret // Repeat (Instrumental)
    by The Fallen Prodigy
    Regret (Instrumental) Regret (Instrumental)
    This is a criminally unknown instru-metalcore album that is absolutely incredible in every possible way. Mind melting finger tapping over crushing chugs, and stellar drumming from one track to the next, I haven't heard such a complete album in a long time.
  11. Muse
    by Polyphia
    Champagne (feat. Nick Johnston) Champagne (feat. Nick Johnston)
    This right here started an addiction that has been raging to this day. It is the most amazing blend of technical skill, catchy hooks, and progressive metal that has ever been conceived of. The drumming is stellar while the guitar and bass work is beyond the outer limits. Can't count the number of times I've listened to this album.
  12. The Most Hated
    by Polyphia
    Icronic Icronic
    Saying you've never heard anything like The Most Hated seems trite, but this is one of those rare occasions where it's hard to say anything else. The guitar work is technical in ways that don't seem possible, particularly because of the way it blends with the percussion to create infectious rhythms typically reserved for a dance club. Give it a try, it will shatter your concept of genres.
  13. Prisoners Of War
    by ROBORG
    Enemy Unknown Enemy Unknown
    Roborg just has an amazing song structure that stands apart within the cyberpunk movement. It ebbs, flows, and crushes in equal measure, making the album an incredible journey through the various influences of the genre.
  14. Vouchsafe
    by Dissonance In Design
    Vernal Wither Vernal Wither
    Fantastic prog instru-metal that satisfies in pushing the genre, but also brings the syncopated chugs and technical guitar mastery that you want from a metal band. The finger tapping is exquisite and the songs are expertly crafted, start to finish.
  15. Transient Offworld
    by Lukhash
    One Last Dance One Last Dance
    This album really brings together all of the artist's interests into the most cohesive release to date. Chiptune is definitely there, but it's woven expertly throughout the tracks to create a seamless synthwave experience that satisfies on so many levels. I still can't get One Last Dance out of my head, no matter how many times I listen to it.
    by Carpenter Brut
    Beware The Beast Beware The Beast
    I blame Carpenter Brut for my current obsession with synthwave/cyberpunk. Every song is crafted with an expert ear to pay homage to all the influences, while finding ways to make it fresh, new, and unique. Where Trilogy is a joyous meandering, Leather Teeth just brings it home with a concise blast of everything that makes this genre great.
  17. Speed
    by Turboslash
    MEGADRIVE Overdose MEGADRIVE Overdose
    I can't remember the last time I bought an album without listening to every track more than once, just to be sure. That's how good Turboslash is. Synthwave bliss with an edge of cyberpunk to create the perfect blend. I'm even digging the vocal tacks!
  18. EP I
    by Turboslash
    Night Drive Night Drive
    Turboslash is such an excellent band, they iterate on the synthwave genre in all the right ways. This EP is a little more chill than EP II but is a fantastic first release for a band with a bright future.
  19. Automaton
    by Failure of Milk
    Melusine Melusine
    It took me a minute to come around to this album, it's got a pretty different sound from the first release. But now I love the guitar harmonies and slightly more traditional metal sound that still has massive chugs and amazing drum syncopation. The stand out for me is Recurrence going into Melusine, pretty much the most epic transition I've heard in a long time. Great stuff!
    by Carpenter Brut
    Maniac Maniac
    This has become one of my favorite artists of all time and a pillar of what the synth/dark-wave genre can be. The live compositions are amazing and I've even come around to the songs with lyrics. That cover of Maniac though, pure bliss!