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  1. Apocryphal Gravity
    by hubris.
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    Doom Mons Doom Mons
    Outstanding post-spacerock wizardry! Though the song structures are sprawling, they are filled with meaningful moments that propel the listener on their cosmic journey through washes of hazy guitar and pulsing rhythms.
  2. Tracts
    by Equals
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    Telefoto Telefoto
    Twinkling, melodic guitars that twist and turn in a swirl of percussion, bass and synthesizer. Relaxing at times, urgent at others, this is a fascinating tapestry of upbeat and catchy tunes that will follow you everywhere you go.
  3. In Return (Deluxe Edition)
    by ODESZA
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    IPlayYouListen (Live) IPlayYouListen (Live)
    When an artist takes time to include the instrumental alternatives, it's usually because they're strong enough to stand on their own, and this is no exception. These live sound/electronic compositions satisfy on so many levels, it's impossible to nail down how they are at once deeply cerebral and yet utterly uplifting. Gorgeous swells and cascading rhythms to drift away on.
    by VHS Dreams
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    Discorecord Discorecord
    Though I'm not a huge fan of either 80's or modern electronic music, somehow this album is absolutely fantastic. The mix of influences are perfectly balanced to create a sound that is dance floor ready while while avoiding the cliches of both genres.
  5. R.I.P. City
    by Fennec
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    Rose Gold Night Rose Gold Night
    Another can of ear worms that satisfy on so many levels. These electronic compositions are once again stitched with sampled material to become larger than the sum of their parts, creating an atmosphere that can bridge the gap between impromptu kitchen dance parties and long subway commutes.
  6. Beloved
    by Fennec
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    Blue Spray Jacket Blue Spray Jacket
    These tracks are decidedly geared toward dance-ability while still being underpinned with the sense of introspection I've come to associate with Fennec. How these elements are combined to create such dynamic music is a testament to this artist's skill.
  7. The Olympians
    by The Olympians
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    Pluto's Lament Pluto's Lament
    This is some world class soul/funk/afro-beat that really pays tribute to the giants of decades gone by. All of the arrangements are exceptional, but I must say the strings really shine and add a nuanced complexity that just doesn't exist in modern music anymore. The Gods have been appeased!
  8. Let Your Heart Break
    by Fennec
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    Blurred Lights Blurred Lights
    The way these mixed tracks weave and flow together is absolutely hypnotic and they are so well cut and manipulated that the results are wonderfully unique from their source material. This isn't a genre I usually dabble in but the album is a polished gem that is impossible to get out of your head once you've let it in.
  9. Supreme Truth (Instrumental)
    by SHOKRAN
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    The Right To Sorrow The Right To Sorrow
    Brilliant progressive metal that's djent enough to scratch that itch while still finding ways to innovate the genre by weaving sounds of traditional instruments throughout the album.
  10. Self-Titled
    by Failure of Milk
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    Leviathan Leviathan
    Absolutely fantastic metal/mathcore that punches in all the right places but also weaves electronic elements to layer a more complex aesthetic wherein you're suddenly entranced by a perfectly placed piano and/or string accompaniment.
  11. Midnight
    by Dan Lissvik
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    M M
    A wonderful collection of catchy tunes that are both energetic and blissed out. Layers of synths and live instrumentation combine in a glorious celebration that is the perfect soundtrack to afterdark. A little funk, a little pop and a little disco all mixed in perfect quantities.
  12. We'll All Collide
    by Moss Of Aura
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    Compound Compound
    This is a great album full of compositions that capture a nostalgia for 80's synthwave while simultaneously evolving the sound into something unique and new. The guitar work lends a contemplative feel over the poppy and infectious rhythms, creating a marvelous juxtaposition that sticks with you long after the last track fades out.
  13. Colours
    by Frootful
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    Fish In The Sea (feat. Angeline Morrison) Fish In The Sea (feat. Angeline Morrison)
    This album pulls all of its various influences together into a killer flow that covers all the great jazz/ funk traditions of previous decades. Feeling like a little lounge? You're covered. Itching for some 50's bop? Fear not! Need a little Latin kick? That's here too! Plus, when I, a staunch instrumental aficionado, list my favorite track as one of the 2 to feature vocals, you know something good is going on.
  14. Three (Instrumental)
    by Numbers
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    Frames (Instrumental) Frames (Instrumental)
    An excellent instru-metal album that is as fast, technical and crushing as it is catchy and infectious. I love the electronic touches which never feel out of place or forced. Plus they were kind enough to release an instrumental version. Thanks guys!
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    321 321
    It's a rare occasion that I buy an album before having the chance to thoroughly listen to it, but I've been looking forward to this release for what feels like an eternity and these guys never fail to deliver. This is a collection of fine tuned, sun-soaked space jams from the year 2088 that are perfect for summer-porch beer consumption.
  16. Glow
    by Kaki King
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    Bowen Island Bowen Island
    Kaki King gets her guitar to do things that defy explanation. Impossible to put into a genre, her style is passionate, ground breaking badassery that can range from outgoing romps to introspective interludes. Had the incredible fortune to catch her live in Vienna, VA of all places and it was a night never to be forgotten.
  17. The Shape of Colour
    by Intervals
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    Fable Fable
    What an amazing transition from better-than-average metalcore to a simply stunning burst of creativity and technical prowess. The heavy is still there, but emphasis is really on breaking out of the box with upbeat compositions that charge through your ears to slap a smile on your face. Well done!
  18. Make The Road By Walking
    by Menahan Street Band
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    Tired of Fighting Tired of Fighting
    A superb afro-soul-doo-wop-beat mash up that rivals Ikebe Shakedown for tenacious horn arrangements and kickin percussion and rhythm sections. These tunes get the feet moving while salving the soul with some good old fashion funk.
  19. Waves Will Rise On Silent Water [EP]
    by A Sudden Burst of Colour
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    Life Spent Drifting Life Spent Drifting
    Wow. Such an incredible amount of talent circulates through these guys that they can take post- and math- rock, blend it with a little bit of shoe-gaze then whip in a healthy dose of ambient spaced out atmosphere to create something all their own. Can't wait to hear more!
  20. Søren Bebe Trio - "Eva"
    by Søren Bebe Trio
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    Change Change
    Absolutely superb piano jazz trio that's as reflective and soothing as it is well arranged and executed. Ephemeral elements wisp together into an auditory trance perfect for any moment that calls for mentally unplugging.
  21. Novarupta
    by Legendary Skies
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    Petra Petra
    It's hard to put a finger on what makes Legendary Skies so unique. Their take on the post-rock genre is both introspective and uplifting, brooding and celebratory. Each track is a well crafted journey that never lingers too long on any one emotion, allowing it to circumvent stagnation and hit that truly epic finale. Well done, don't stop!
  22. When The World Was One
    by Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra
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    Falling Water Falling Water
    I'm not sure what they're feeding their talent over at Gondwana Records, but it is producing some of the most innovative and exciting jazz music I've heard in a while. This orchestra is simply stunning. It makes you think that a harp and koto should be incorporated into all jazz orchestras.
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    Jafari's Revenge Jafari's Revenge
    This is one of the most unique albums I've heard in a while. It's a mad science concoction of space-jazz, math-groove mixed up with electronic/programming sensibilities. These kids are pure talent and I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for their next release.
  24. When the Tape Runs Out
    by ensemble, et al.
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    Finding Simple Wonders as the Day Turns the Night Finding Simple Wonders as the Day Turns the Night
    I don't often buy multiple offerings from an artist in one day, but these guys are the first exception since Kit Fisto. Seriously talented percussionists, you have to hear it to believe it.
  25. Ikebe Shakedown
    by Ikebe Shakedown
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    Five Points Five Points
    This is solid afro-beat gold! Feel good horn arrangements, succinct percussive infection, all anchored with slick guitar licks and monumental bass hooks. It gets up in your skin and causes unexpected bodily gyrations! Can't wait to check their follow up...
  26. present point passed
    by ensemble, et al.
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    Clock-watching isn't Waiting Clock-watching isn't Waiting
    In many ways, this team of talented musicians is what makes bandcamp my only source for new music. The complex jazzy rhythms produced by the trap set and mallet-based percussion mix well composed minimalist sensibilities with sonic textures that ebb, flow and spiral in spectacular ways.
  27. v2.0 (Deluxe Edition)
    by GoGo Penguin
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    Wash (Bonus Track) Wash (Bonus Track)
    Wow, what an incredibly talented trio. So much wonderful stuff happening in this album, it's hard to quantify. A fantastic melding of genres, rooted in piano jazz. I've not yet heard these instruments arranged in such a manner.
  28. Labrador
    by Polyrhythmics
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    Moonroof Moonroof
    There's something about fantastic afro-beat funk and the warming temperatures that just go so well together. Great instrumental 8 piece working like puzzle pieces to knock out some seriously catchy jams.
  29. Sure Fire Soul Ensemble
    by The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble
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    Sander's Lament Sander's Lament
    Laid back, soulful vibes just in time for spring. Fantastic horn and woodwind arrangements syncopated with stellar percussionists, solidly anchored in organ bliss, this is a tight new ensemble helping bring back the funk.
  30. Save Your Heart
    by Lights & Motion
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    Bright Eyes Bright Eyes
    I love one man bands like Lights & Motion. Save Your Heart is truly an incredible feat of sweeping and uplifting compositions that any fan of post rock can appreciate.
  31. Citadels (Instrumental)
    by Mandroid Echostar
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    Citadels Citadels
    M.E. continue to impress with their second release, which is nothing short of expertly crafted progressive metal. Fantastic guitar work and excellent tone choice combined with stellar drumming really sets this album apart from others in the genre. The song writing shines brilliantly, ranging from fast finger tapping pop to pounding chugs and culminates with the insanely epic Citadels, which melts the brain with its final moments. Instru-metal fans rejoice!
  32. A Memory Stream
    by The American Dollar
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    Starscapes Starscapes
    I honestly can't believe that these guys have been so talented for so long, but this album is really just insanely gorgeous. Complex yet ambient layers, relaxing yet engaging song structures, this keyboard/guitar/synth/percussion driven duo never disappoint, even on an album that's going on 6 years old. How do they do it!?
  33. You Got This
    by Haas Kowert Tice
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    El Camino El Camino
    The trio is one of the most difficult lineups to pull off because each member must be a master of their instrument, which is exactly what's going on here. These purveyors of exquisite neo-classical/folk craft brilliant arrangements that range from toe tapping to quiet introspection. They get so much sound out of their respective instruments, I sometimes forget it's just three musicians.
  34. Stone By Stone
    by Ikebe Shakedown
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    The Offering The Offering
    There are a lot of bands doing the afrobeat genre justice, but Ikebe Shakedown is just killing it. Horns so tight, percussion so infectious, just a fantastic ensemble.
  35. III
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    Eyes Closed Eyes Closed
    Any band that can merge genres while crafting a unique sound is too good to pass over. These fellas are killing the mash-up that has become their trademark, but the backbone of the band is pure talent. Great things are on the horizon. Ps- If you dig this kind of genre-splicing you must sample Stage Kids and their Killer Tofu album. Great math-rock-jazz-hop!
  36. Tom Day - 2013 Collection
    by Tom Day
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    Never Give Up (Soundtrack Mix) Never Give Up (Soundtrack Mix)
    Some random stuff has been turning up in my collection lately, but that doesn't mean that it's not great stuff. Take Tom Day. I've never really been an ambient fan, but this something different, the textures are captivating and the peace of mind that accompanies the album is such a relief. So thankful to have come across this wonderful composition from a talented pianist who knows where to place notes and when to let the silence build.
  37. Planet Shhh!
    by Human Pyramids
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    Port Charlotte Port Charlotte
    I have a weakness for large ensembles of talented musicians crafting music that is beautiful and uplifting. Human Pyramids is a glorious foray into a forest of brass, cellos, and violins mixed with math-rock sensibilities and dynamic percussion that has a startling discovery around every turn. Fans of Mermonte will want to give Planet Shhh! a listen.
  38. We Come From Exploding Stars
    by Moonlit Sailor
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    From Gemini To Lynx From Gemini To Lynx
    As flooded as the post rock genre is, Moonlit Sailor proves that there is always room for innovation. This album is as soaring as it is introspective, accomplishing a fantastic melding of the celebratory with the melancholic. A true expression of the dichotomy of human experience.
  39. Young and Courageous
    by Tides Of Man
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    Measure Your Breath Measure Your Breath
    Though they claim to be in an identity crisis, all I can hear is fantastic, emotive glory! I don't know that I'd call this post-rock as it were, but it's reminiscent of sleep makes waves or god is an astronaut. Really it's just great, technical, spacey, beautiful music and I only hope they continue on this path.
  40. We Are Mostly Made of Nothing
    by Sleevenotes
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    We Played Out On This Movie Screen We Played Out On This Movie Screen
    I'm not a devout post-rock fan, but every so often someone comes along that just nails it on each and every track. The crescendos are well timed, leading to epic swells that are pure magic. Well done!
  41. The Stand (LP 2012, Instrumental)
    by Of Buried Hopes
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    Cast Away (Instrumental) Cast Away (Instrumental)
    Fantastic instrumental metalcore that satisfies in every way imaginable; glorious fret work, crushing breakdowns, and brilliant drumming. I only hope they release more and soon!
  42. The Migration
    by Scale The Summit
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    The Dark Horse The Dark Horse
    While these guys have always been astounding in their technical wizardry, this album is the most cohesive work yet. Each composition not only awes but connects on an emotional level, something that hasn't always been the case on previous albums. The Migration marks a high bar for future releases of these masters of finger tapping metal.
  43. Legacy (LP 2013)
    by Catch The Sun
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    Alliance Alliance
    This is truly some of the most creative metalcore being made today. The leads are unconventional and brilliant while the chug patterns are complex and crushing. The added dimension of what sounds like electronic choral-like vocals and other background ambiance is very subtle but adds some serious intensity to the compositions. Great LP!
  44. Polymorphic Code
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    Logic Bomb Logic Bomb
    I was skeptical at first how such a mash up of genres like djent and electronica could possibly work but I can't deny the intensity of The Algorithim. Each song is masterfully constructed such that no one element overrides the others. Worth every penny!
  45. Memorial
    by Russian Circles
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    Lebaron Lebaron
    No band weaves subtle melodic beauty with intense metal chugs quite like Russian Circles. These guys are as brilliant as they are diverse and every release has been nothing short of epic. It never ceases to amaze how much this trio accomplishes.