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  1. Requiem For What's-His-Name
    by Marc Ribot & Rootless Cosmopolitans
  2. Horn of Plenty
    by Grizzly Bear
  3. "Demolition" A Collection of Short Guitar Jams
    by Shawn Tubbs
  4. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
    by Wilco
  5. MTV Unplugged
    by courtney barnett
  6. Guitar Jam Tracks Vol 2
    by Andertons TV
  7. Guitar Jam Tracks Vol 3
    by Andertons TV
  8. Guitar Jam Tracks Vol 1
    by Andertons TV
  9. I Only Just Got Here
    by Neil Clark
  10. Sundogs Live
    by Neil Clark
  11. Collective Force
    by Martin Stephenson
  12. Quitters
    by Lauren O'Connell

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  1. The Beautiful Game
    by Vulfpeck