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Johnn Harbringer

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  1. Grievous
    by Convulsing
  2. The Last Messiah
    by Pitiless Gaze
  3. Proceed With Extreme Contempt
    by Cammo Shorts
    Crash Through The Meth Of The Motherfuck Crash Through The Meth Of The Motherfuck
    Biased co-producer here, but I fucking love this record. i got to experience something dark and visceral unfolding in front of me while I engineered this band. It comes through on these songs in every way. It's just like being back in the room with them.

    Favorite Track may be "Crash", because that's always been my favorite Shorts tune, but a very close favorite is "Fuck All You Bastards".
  4. A.T.O.M.
    by Sinsensor
    by Black Clothes
  6. Parallel Eternity
    by A Sound of Thunder
  7. Devoured in Decay EP
    by Recently Vacated Graves: True Zombie Metal
    Hhrrrdd Hhrrrdd
  8. Emanation Body
    by Many Blessings
  9. Ripe Earth
    by Many Blessings
  10. Immersion
    by Primitive Man
    Menacing Menacing
    It's hard to pick a favorite on Primitive Man's latest release. This is an incredible and intense follow-up to Caustic (one of my favorite metal albums of all time). The rage is more present than ever. The production style is tighter, but is still absolutely massive in every respect. If you're considering a purchase, go ahead and click that damn button!
  11. Kosmískur hryllingur
    by Skáphe + Wormlust
  12. Regression
    by Times Of Collapse
  13. Voarm
    by Voarm
  14. Remnants
    by Sarabante
  15. Womb
    by Crawler
  16. Darkness Transcend
    by Setentia
  17. KARMA B.C - DEMO 2019
    by Black Clothes
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  18. BURN
    by Black Clothes
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  19. Steel Casket
    by Primitive Man
  20. Through Lung and Heart
    by Devouring Star