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  1. Mist Over Pendle
    by The Heartwood Institute
  2. At The Crypt
    by SPK
  3. Rossum Experimental Radio
    by Sound Effects Of Death And Horror
  4. Four Years Of Struggle: War Journal 2018-2022
    by Caveiras
  5. The Rest Is Distraction
    by Girls In Synthesis
  6. Now Here's An Echo From Your Future
    by Girls In Synthesis
  7. Oscillator Suite
    by Neil O'Connor
  8. Double Cry
    by Kamil Kukla
  9. Cinco Círculos
    by Richard Francés
  10. Hodge Alive! In Leicester
    by Carol Hodge
  11. 333
    by Prince Jazzbo
  12. Boodo Khan
    by Trium Circulorum
  13. The Martyrdom of Agatha
    by Susan Matthews
  14. Solitary Mountains
  15. Destruction Horizon
  16. Paranormalement
    by Philippe Brown
  17. Spectrum
    by Various Artists
  18. Si nous faisons du bruit, le temps va encore recommencer
    by Delphine Dora & Michel Henritzi
  19. R​ê​ver l'imperceptible
    by Delphine Dora
  20. Sensi Addict
    by Horace Ferguson