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KyN the Reaper

  1. Independence, Kentucky
  2. Comedy
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  1. Straight out tha Hamper
    by S.W.A.
  2. Laundry
    by Downy Pool
  3. Sock
    by Hamptera
  4. Feetles Mania!
    by The Feetles
  5. The Summoning
    by Immortal Christmas
  6. Laundry Basket Case
    by Cleen Day
  7. Wait in Bleach
    by Socknot
  8. Master of Sock Puppets (Remastered)
    by Lintallica
  9. Sock
    by Radiofoot
  10. Catharsis
    by Eternal Void
    Erase The Sun Erase The Sun
  11. Destroyers of the Realm
    by Dethlehem
    Shadow Remnants of the Guardian Shield Shadow Remnants of the Guardian Shield
  12. Searching for the Lost Sock
    by Rage Against the Washing Machine
    I love Rage against the machine, I love the message they portray and what they stand for. But the guy's voice is simply…grating on my ears. Unfortunately, this song does the same, but I still like it.
  13. Raining Bleach
    by Stayner
    I love slayer, and I especially love the album Raining Blood. This is an amazing take on this song.
  14. Smells Like Teen Hamper
    by Smellvana
    I'm not a big nirvana fan. But I love this song, it's significant to me.
  15. Drop the Bass
    by Fabrix
    I hate all except maybe 3 "Dubstep" artists. It's all the the exact same thing, just in a different order. THis on the other hand, sounded alright. I am okay with this.
  16. Sew It
    by Static Cling
    I love Static-X. And ever since Wayne Static died, I've been missing their sound. Hearing this was a refreshing take on Push it.
  17. Hail Santa
    by Immortal Christmas
    I love Immortal. And all shall rise is one of my top 3 favorite black metal songs of all time. Combine them with christmas, YOU GET THE IMMORTAL CHRISTMAS, A concept I am perfectly okay with and will happily endorse until the day I die.
  18. Anarchy in the Sock Drawer
    by Sox Pistols
    I hate the sex pistols. They are a completely overrated band that got popular because they had a new sound that people wanted. I can't even stand their music. But this song, this song I like lol.