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    by Venus
    This is Radiohead cunningly disguised as Dua Lipa, it's Punk pretending to be Prog, it's quietly subversive, like being hit in the head with a sledgehammer wrapped in silk. It's genius.
  2. New Long Leg
    by Dry Cleaning
    Heard a review of this on a radio art show and they couldn't praise it enough, so I had to check it out. And now I can't praise it enough either. The wit and humour are so sharp, you'll cut yourself.
  3. Growing in the Ground
    by Happy Axe
    A piece of Heaven in my collection.
  4. River Body
    by Blue Løvborg
    River Body River Body
    This needs a vinyl release. Like NOW.
  5. In Quiet Moments (feat. Ural Thomas)
    by Lost Horizons
  6. My Own (Bandcamp Exclusive)
    by Kelly Lee Owens
    In the last year, music has been a great comfort to me, so there was no hesitation in getting this and helping the cause. Worth every cent.
  7. It's Nearly Night Time
    by Arminda K
    It's A Good Thing It's A Good Thing
    This is the kind of album the words Oh, My and God were made for. THE must have chillout anti-lockdown release your mind will thank you for.
  8. Runaway
    by twïnn
    In an alternate universe where the 80's never ended, OMD doing the theme song from Knight Rider would sound like this.
  9. On Your Way Now
    by Sharon Van Etten
  10. Devil's Rain
    by maria bc
  11. Song for Nick Drake
    by Skullcrusher
  12. Fates
    by Johanna Warren
    Woods Woods
    There IS magic in this world. I found it right here.
  13. Magic Mirror
    by Pearl Charles
    Only For Tonight Only For Tonight
    Picture the scene, members of ABBA and The Stylistics join forces to make an album. Along the way, they get help from Olivia Newton John, Karen Carpenter, The Boomtown Rats and The Brothers Johnson. The result: THIS.
  14. Innocence and Despair
    by The Langley Schools Music Project
  15. Innocence and Despair
    by The Langley Schools Music Project
    Desperado Desperado
    One of the most joyous albums ever made. It is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and is worth it just for Desperado alone.
  16. Covers, Vol. 1
    by Chloe Foy
  17. minnie little
    by minnie little
    I'm Not Landing I'm Not Landing
    Pop meets Prog ( or is it the other way? ). It shouldn't work, but it does and brilliantly. If you're reading this, then listen and prepare to be amazed.
  18. Inner Song
    by Kelly Lee Owens
  19. Les Nuits
    by Nightmares On Wax
  20. Planet Caravan
    by Moon Duo