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  1. Mixtape
    by Bobbing
  2. Too Real
    by Giraffage
  3. Demos
    by Elaine The Singer
  4. Floral LP
    by Floral
  5. Through Walls
    by Golden Mean
  6. On to the Moon
    by Vesper Sails
    Empty Cups Empty Cups
    Not normally into stuff with vocals, but this presses buttons I didn't even know I had. Jangly and bittersweet. Just what I needed this fall. 42/10

  7. New Realm
    by Dan James Griffin
  8. Flora & Fauna
    by Julian Brunde
    Chon but BASS. Tasty AF.
  9. Summer Ghost
    by Lascavx
  10. Snuff
    by Lingua Nada
  11. Thank You For Singing To Me
    by Bobbing
    Hard to find words to describe how good this album is. Feed Me Jack is one of my favorite bands of all time, and one can hear bits of influence from that work. Folks looking for that feel will certainly be happy. On the other hand, the album has a unique character of its own, so much so that I feel bad bringing up the past. A masterpiece in its own right. I can't wait to hear more!
    by Ben Rosett
  13. Patience
    by Clément Belio
  14. Folge
    by Taco de Golfe
    What a find. Every track gets stuck in my head immediately. Clearly I need to visit Brazil to see these guys.
  15. Erro e Volto
    by Taco de Golfe
    Genre-bending, sometimes ear-blasting and sometimes heart-touching, always good-listening. File this with "Swan Gang" by TANG under "cool jazz fusiony EPs that leave me wanting more and more, 2019 edition"
  16. Friends
    by standards
  17. Moral Support
    by Parachute Day
    Been waiting almost three years since falling for 'Thank You Notes', and my first listen felt like running into an old friend. Here's to three more years (but hopefully less until we get more) of growth, good vibes, and great music.
  18. Swan Gang
    by TANG
    Clever Girl, but faster, groovier, more chromatic, AND orange-flavored. More pls
    by Ben Rosett
    LOVESICK (ft. Andrés) LOVESICK (ft. Andrés)
    feels good, man...

    Sampling is awesome. Alternately intense, spooky, nostalgic, Minecraft-y, psychedelic, technical, smooth, or some mix; most importantly, a head-bobber all the way through.
  20. Ocelot of Salvation
    by Immortal Onion
    These guys give me hope for the future of music: they effortlessly and expertly fuse many sounds and techniques, which together make me feel as if Tigran Hamasyan, Philip Glass, the Esbjorn Svensson Trio, and Kataoka Manaka all had one giant jazz-fueled orgy. The composition in the album is unrivaled, but I highly recommend watching the live performance (, which injects a whole new level of technicality into the pieces.