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  1. Extinguish the Light
    by Whore of Bethlehem
    Extinguish the Light Extinguish the Light
    Whore of Bethlehem play a somewhat thrashy, black metal infused death metal molotov cocktail that will decimate your aural senses. I like this one a bit more than their debut "Upon Judas' Throne", but you cannot go wrong with either one. This is really good shit. \m/
  2. Desolate Gods
    by Father Befouled
    Vestigal Remains Vestigal Remains
    Father Befouled, nothing more to say, really. They graduated at the top of the class in the Incantation School of Death Metal. Sludgy, doomy, fucking great! \m/
  3. Bleed to Death
    Wishing Hell Wishing Hell
    Death metal from Spain? While Spain is not known as a hotbed for DM. This horde may change that rather quickly. This has everything I enjoy about DM. I can hear a little Cannibal Corpse and maybe a little Morbid Angel influence, but not too much. These guys have their own sound and it is hellishly excellent!! Let us all celebrate Aposento!!! \m/ \m/
  4. Within the Sphere of Ethereal Minds
    by Sarcasm
    From the Crimson Fog They Emerged From the Crimson Fog They Emerged
    Swedish Death Metal is such a beautiful thing. Sarcasm delivers everything that you would expect from the Swedish scene. Excellent melodies, chugging buzzsaw riffs and great vocal howls. I had never heard of this band until a few days ago. Now I cannot stop spinning this release.
  5. OMEGA
    by HATE
    by HATE
    by HATE
    by HATE
  9. Remnants...
    by Rude
    House Of Dust House Of Dust
    This is a worthy follow up to their debut effort, Soul Recall. Great old school sound with just enough of their own style to make it stand out. Fans of Asphyx and old Pestilence, like myself, eat this shit up!
  10. Chambers Of Afterlife
    As Eternity Engulfs My Flesh As Eternity Engulfs My Flesh
    Absolutely love this European band. Great death metal sound. You can tell these guys have listened to a little Cannibal Corpse in their spare time. Horns up \m/
  11. Only Death Prevails (Split Funeral Whore / Bloodfiend)
    by Funeral Whore
    The Milwaukee Cannibal The Milwaukee Cannibal
    Excellent work as usual from Funeral Whore. I cannot say enough positive things about this band. Get their shit and turn it the fuck up!!!
  12. Howling From the Deep 2013
    by GROND
    Infected Gods Infected Gods
  13. Worship the Kraken 2016
    by GROND
    Kronos the Devourer Kronos the Devourer
    This is balls out old school death metal. The only reason I picked "Kronos the Devourer" as my favorite track is because the system would not allow me to select them all. You ever get a CD and just play it over and over again for days, maybe weeks? Yeah, this is that CD!! \m/
  14. Suicide Gate - A Bridge to Death
    Centuries of Filth Centuries of Filth
    Good Swedish DM. This is my 1st Ribspreader release, but it will not be my last. Need to hit that back catalogue.
  15. Starving Out the Light
    by Black Fast
    Progenitors of Predation Progenitors of Predation
  16. Cadaveric Displays of Ghoulish Ghastliness
    Tombs of The Blind Dead Tombs of The Blind Dead
    Beautiful death metal in the vein of Autopsy. Every track on this release is an ass beating. Great riffs, cool audio samples from old movies, tortured vocals. What the fuck more could you ask for?
  17. Contaminating The Hive Mind
    by Abnormality
    Fabrication of the Enemy Fabrication of the Enemy
    Badass death metal beatdown. Every song is as heavy as a bag of donkey balls. No shit! Add this motherfucker to your collection!
  18. Satanae Tenebris Infinita
    by Imprecation
    Chapel of Rotting Flesh Chapel of Rotting Flesh
    A filth fest of death metal pleasure. This shit is doomy, sludgy and just ugly as all hell. You'll need a shower after listening to this one. Fucking great album!!
  19. Phantasm
    by Funeral Whore
    The Tall Man The Tall Man
    This is really great old school death metal. I am also a fan of the Phantasm movies, so this is a match made in hell.
  20. Dira Mortis - Psalms of Morbid Existence
    Dawn Of Psychotropic Ages Dawn Of Psychotropic Ages
    Wonderful slab of Polish DM. You cannot go wrong when you mix Poland & Death Metal. Horns Up!!
  21. Experiment Of Existence
    by Ripper
    Experiment Of Existence Experiment Of Existence
    Aggressive, neck snapping death tinged thrash metal extravaganza from Chile. \m/ I fucking love this shit!!!
  22. Tombstalker
    by Tombstalker
    Lecherous Aeon Lecherous Aeon
  23. DAEMONIC: The Art Of Dantalian
    by VELD
    Conquerors Of All Icons Conquerors Of All Icons
    Excellent release! Reminds me a bit of Polish death metal icons, Hate. Just a flat out, good old fashioned ass kicking! Horns way the fuck up \m/!!!!!
  24. Upon Judas' Throne
    by Whore of Bethlehem
    Hideous Resurrection Hideous Resurrection
  25. Engulfed in Desolation
    by Cruciamentum
    Thrones Turned to Rust Thrones Turned to Rust
    Throw some Incantation, a little Immolation and a touch of old time Morbid Angel into a pit of fire and Cruciamentum would emerge. Great EP. Their full length release "Charnel Passages" is equally as crushing. Put some Death Metal happiness into your life and get 'em both!!!
  26. Awakened From The Abyss
    by Hellbringer
    Fall Of The Cross Fall Of The Cross