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  1. I'm Tryin'
    by DeRobert & The Half-Truths
    I Don't Get Mad No Mo I Don't Get Mad No Mo
    Damn, now thats some fine soul music... The vinyl will find plenty of time on my slipmat, this is smooth and sweet like warm butter on popcorn Baby.
  2. Pekka [24 bit 44.1 kHz]
    by Verneri Pohjola
    Madness Subsides Madness Subsides
    A gifted composer and musician, I absolutely love "Bullhorn" The vinyl is one of my Favorites from Edition Records . Pekka as an artistic statement is special. I have renewed respect for you as a musician and as a human being. Salute, keep playing and composing please, we your fans, hope to hear more of you.
  3. New Cool Collective Big Band featuring Thierno Koité
    by New Cool Collective Big Band featuring Thierno Koité
    Moussa Caravelle Moussa Caravelle
    New Cool Collective, let me just say "WOW" Inspired, played with obvious enjoyment that transcends the music making it even better. The Vinyl for an old school record collector is classic and beautiful. Please keep making music, this one has a happy soul to it. Absolutely loving it! Dox Records thank you for supporting the Quality Musicians on your Label. This is music of Distinction.
  4. Kingdom [HD] [24Bit 44.1kHz]
    by Alexi Tuomarila
    Bruin Bay Bruin Bay
    Wow. Bruin Bay is rock solid. Wide open and confident, if the rest of the album is this damn good, we are all in for a hell of a treat. I can't wait to hear the rest.
  5. The Behemoth [HD] [24Bit 96kHz]
    by Phronesis
    Zieding Zieding
    This is one of those rare pairing of exceptional artist that always create incredible music. The chemistry, inspiration and end result are rarely rivaled in the music industry today. Salute.
  6. Live 7"
    by New Cool Collective Big Band ft. Thierno Koité
  7. Chopin [HD] [24Bit 96kHz]
    by Ivana Gavric
    Mazurka Op. 6, No. 2 Mazurka Op. 6, No. 2
    Ivana well done. I am enjoying this one immensely. a favorite evening album to unwind too.
  8. Indian Time
    by Mixed By DJ Markarian
    Shiva (TC Remix) Shiva (TC Remix)
    some really good decompress music. For all the times I need a change of perspective and understanding.
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  9. We Are Friends 2
    by We Are Friends
    Guaracha Bonita (previously unreleased exclusive) Guaracha Bonita (previously unreleased exclusive)
    great collection of music, support gladly given to some of my favorite labels and their Artists
  10. Eighteen
    by New Cool Collective
    12 Monkees 12 Monkees
    Because I am an unabashed Fan of all things New Cool Collective. I can go on forever about the music. Just buy it, enjoy it, spread the word. If more people listened and played it we would all get nice. Salute!
  11. Chin Chin
    by New Cool Collective
    D Minor Complex D Minor Complex
    Brings a smile to the face and warmth to the soul. Good music has that power. Thanks for keeping it alive.
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  12. Sugar Protocol
    by New Cool Collective ft. Los Papines & Mapacha Africa
    Imbia Bwana Imbia Bwana
    creative, stimulating and bright. Must Have Good Music.
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  13. Out Of Office
    by New Cool Collective
    Afrokan Afrokan
    Things that make me go hmmmm......great music as always.
  14. Live
    by New Cool Collective Big Band
    Misirlou Misirlou
    Why do I love this Album? It's New Cool Collective LIVE!!!!!!!!
  15. Shorelines
    by IVAR
    Untitled Hymn Untitled Hymn
    I ran across Ivar on Dox Records a few months ago. Untitled Hymn and Betterman definitely made me want to hear more. Dox entire catalogue is filled with incredible artist with a genuine love for music. Salute Ivar and DOX Records for all the beautiful music.
  16. Cross-Platform Interchange [HD] [24Bit 96kHz]
    by Misha Mullov-Abbado
    Hair of the Bop Hair of the Bop
    Misha, well done. From beginning to end this is a special album. An incredible amount of depth and command of style and composition. Edition records, this is another winner. This would sound so damn good on vinyl.
  17. Jalapeno Soul Sisters, Vol. 1
    by Various Artists
    Reckoning Reckoning
    this is some good damn soul/R&B ...feeling it here.
  18. Soul Visions
    by Rising Appalachia and The Human Experience
    Swoon Swoon
    a nice mix of style and sound, some dreamy vocals and first rate composition. I'm enjoying this one immensely.
  19. Ferme Solus - This is my music!
    by Per Oddvar Johansen
    Tom Club Tom Club
    Per Oddvar Johansen, you are definitely a drummer with artistic expression that is clearly articulated. This is not what I was expecting, but I've come away with a deep appreciation and respect for your talent. Well done Sir.
  20. All Things
    by Slowly Rolling Camera
    Unsetting Sun Unsetting Sun
    Listen to Dionne Bennett sing "Unsetting Sun" if you need a reason to buy this album. Every track is remarkable .Nothing wasted, nothing spared, just incredibly powerful music. Extraordinary music really, not to be missed. Slowly Rolling Camera have something very special going on. I think Elliot is my new favorite drummer. Grab the vinyl if you can, and prepare to fall in love over and over again.
  21. Untitled Hymn
    by IVAR
    Untitled Hymn Untitled Hymn
    Can't wait for the album to be released. This sure has a great deal of promise. From the first few notes, the tone is set, the mind is inspired and it all starts to flow. Really authentic soul here. It may not sound like classic soul, it sure feels like it though.
  22. Betterman
    by IVAR
    What a great example of the little gold nuggets you can find on bandcamp. This is simply soulful jazz from that part of the soul that shines all the light in the world. Well done. IVAR. Salute
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  23. Superjazz
    by BRUUT!
    Baha Baha
    I am a fan, it would be hard not to be. You only have to listen for a minute....This orange vinyl is a winner, the music is superb, loving this BRUTT Big Time. Great damn music.
  24. Just Being Me
    by Myles Sanko
    Just Being Me Just Being Me
    My second Myles album on vinyl. I think I will like this at least as much as the first.
  25. The Things You Love
    by New Cool Collective & Matt Bianco (Mark Reilly)
    Cry (ft. Elisabeth Troy) Cry (ft. Elisabeth Troy)
    Because few things are cooler than the New Cool Collective. I am a fan, no apologies, just please keep playing and recording. This album is real treat for us fans. I love the vinyl! Exceptional, thank you Dox Records for making it such a quality offering. I am a big fan of this label and artists.
  26. Sketches
    by Sergey Akhunov
    Sonata in Memory of DSCH: Novella Sonata in Memory of DSCH: Novella
    Sergey's music always moves me. It is graceful, compelling and simply understated. Much is said with nothing wasted. Salute MR. Akhunov
  27. An Introduction To The New Mastersounds Vol.2
    by The New Mastersounds
    What's not to love about The New Mastersounds? LIVE A LITTLE
  28. The Space Between
    by Stuart McCallum & Mike Walker
    As The Trees Waltz As The Trees Waltz
    Pulls you in from the first chord and leaves you to wonder at the landscape so beautifully painted in sound. Classic, beautiful and emotion evoking. Wow.
  29. la diversité
    by Nicolas Kummert
    Hallelujah Hallelujah
    I certainly love a lot of the music he has been a part of so far. This interpretation of Leonard Cohen's classic is a wonderful taste of what's to come.
  30. The Roc
    by Daniel Herskedal
    Eternal Sunshine Creates A Desert Eternal Sunshine Creates A Desert
    I am a fan, the last two Herskedal albums were exceptional. Really glad to get this on vinyl. I have to say as much as I expected this to be quite good, it still surprises me just how good it is. Much respect for the depth and the breadth of the Music you continue to create. My favorite track has changed several times already.
  31. Godspeed [HD] [24Bit 88.2kHz]
    by Morten Schantz
    Escape Velocity Escape Velocity
    Loaded with talent, I'm anxious to hear the vinyl and the other songs. With Anton and Marius playing this promises to be special.-*Just got the vinyl and it's incredible. The entire album is fantastic. Great music, really great on the vinyl.
  32. Summer Blowout Sale | Takin' Over
    by The Tibbs
    Cussin', Cryin' & Carryin' On Cussin', Cryin' & Carryin' On
    Elsa laying down the vocals and the band playing with soul and some purpose. Whew, how can I not love this one. Great music, more please...
  33. Late Nights & Heartbreak
    by Hannah Williams
    Woman Got Soul Woman Got Soul
    Few can bring the heat like Hannah Williams. I waited a long time for some new music. This doesn't disappoint. Salute
  34. Summer Blowout Sale | Take From Me
    by Dojo Cuts
    What Do I Have To Do (bonus track) What Do I Have To Do (bonus track)
    Dojo cuts is definitely on of my favorite Aussie funk and soul bands. Roxie Ray is nothing short of incredible. I could listen to her sing for hours. Damn good music here. Get it on vinyl.
  35. Subterranea
    by Mosaic
    Kairo Konko Kairo Konko
    I bought this on the strength of Kairo Konko alone. I'm really enjoying the sound and the mood of this one. This track evokes some emotion. A great first release on Edition records after winning the Kenny Wheeler Jazz prize at The Royal Academy of Music.
  36. Havana '58
    by Bahama Soul Club
    No Words ft. Brenda Boykin No Words ft. Brenda Boykin
    I love the feel and the sound of these albums. It catches that Cuban feel very well. Can't listen with out getting happy, and a little free. Bahama Soul Club and Oliver Belz have it going on, the vinyl is first rate, buy on vinyl if possible.
  37. On The Go (Special Edition)
    by Matthew Halsall
    Breathless (Bonus Track) Breathless (Bonus Track)
    I've been through his music so many times now, seeing it available on vinyl I had to buy it this time. I'm excited to receive the vinyl. Found this in your collection Pierre Leroux. More good music to follow I am sure.The vinyl is extraordinary. Huge Fan of this album on vinyl
  38. Into Forever
    by Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra
    Only A Woman (ft Josephine Oniyama) Only A Woman (ft Josephine Oniyama)
    I am sure to change favorites a few times before I wear this one out. Timeless classic and divine. Beautiful music for the soul.
  39. Agartha
    by Oddarrang
    Mass I-III Mass I-III
    My second Oddarrang album, my first on vinyl. I have to say as much as I liked In Cinema, Agartha is even better. Really excited to here this on my stereo in vinyl. Thanks for the great music Oddarrang.
  40. Wolf Valley
    by Eyolf Dale
    Silent Ways Silent Ways
    Silent ways sold me on this album. I am enjoying this one. Great meditative music, sometimes fun and playful, sometimes sparse yet sweeping and grand. That may seem like a contradiction but listen and see if you don't agree. Eloquently played.
  41. Together, As One
    by Dinosaur
    Extinct Extinct
    I was late to the party on this one. At least I can still get it on vinyl. I expect we will hear a great deal more from Laura and friends. Great album, great composition. Edition records continues to produce incredible
    music. The vinyl is really first rate, sound engineering is above average.. Strong recommend to vinyl lovers.
  42. Punch
    by Elliot Galvin Trio
    Blop Blop
    How could one possibly give an equitable explanation for this eclectic mix of genius musicality? It is avant gard, it is at times quirky, enigmatic to be sure. This is fun music, new jazz I would call it, very well played. Salute Elliot Galvin Trio, well done.
    by Expressway Sketches
    Betty in the Bazza Betty in the Bazza
    Damn there is some seriously good music here. I love surf music, and I love good musicians who can alter my perspective with energy and sound in that language that is music. I love this album. The vinyl is worth the money and the wait!
  44. Swing de Paris
    by Benjamin Herman & Robin Nolan Trio
    Swing 48 Swing 48
    Few things in life can give me the immediate lift that a Benjamin Herman album can.This one has a flair and a outright musical charisma to it. What powerful gift to possess. Benjamin Herman is a rare talent, making the world a better place with great music, style and grace. Salute.
  45. Go Deep
    by Nick Pride & The Pimptones
    Sweetness And Light Sweetness And Light
    Nick Pride and the Pimptones are an incredibly rare find. Gifted song writing, singing, production and an ear for authentic soulful melodies, this album continues to highlight Nick and the Pimptones and the long career ahead of them.