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  1. Wet Leg
    by Wet Leg
    Wet Dream Wet Dream
  2. She Reaches Out To She Reaches Out To She
    Unseen World Unseen World
  3. Engine of Hell
    by Emma Ruth Rundle
    Blooms of Oblivion Blooms of Oblivion
  4. Please Don't Tell
    by Please Don't Tell
    Blue Shift Blue Shift
  5. Latent Powers (Digital)
    by Ships In The Night
    The Fire The Fire
  6. Finer Thorns
    by Buck Gooter
    Peace Siren Peace Siren
  7. D3C3MB3R
    by 7th Grade Girl Fight
  8. Quarantine Sessions
    Fire Fire
  9. Solace
    by Iress
    Soft Soft
  10. no god in charlottesville
    by Brian Tafazoli
    mystery flesh pit national park mystery flesh pit national park
  11. for
    by James Wolf
    Door Door
  12. Firefighter / Rider
    by Work Wear
    Rider Rider
  13. Favourite Colour EP
    by SPC ECO
    Whisper Whisper
  14. Sink Into Your Soul
    by Nostalgiaisfun
  15. FUTURE PERFECT (2004)
    by AUTOLUX
    Blanket Blanket
  16. In The Future Your Body Will Be the Furthest Thing from Your Mind
    by Failure
    Heavy and Blind Heavy and Blind
  17. Splinter
    by Sneaker Pimps
    Destroying Angel Destroying Angel
  18. Peel Session 1995
    by Man...or Astro-Man?
    Sferic Waves Sferic Waves
  19. Cobra Antic
    by Crab Action
    Crab Fu Crab Fu
  20. Quattracenta - S/T
    by Quattracenta
    Thin Thin