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  2. Metal
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  1. Drowned in Eternal Desolation
    by Nocturnal Tyrant
  2. Medraut One
    by Medraut
  3. The Grand Scheme of Things
    by Dormant Ordeal
  4. Old Nick - Crisp Winter Dawn of My Night Moon
    by Old Nick
  5. Seven Portals To The Arcane Realms
    by Urdôl Ur
  6. Cyflymiad O'r Holl Arferion Ocwlt
    by Revenant Marquis
  7. Gloria's Garden
    by Gloria's Garden
  8. Heimkehr
    by Shores of Ladon
  9. Witterung
    by Shores of Ladon
  10. Bloody Keep - Bloody Horror
    by Bloody Keep
  11. Helcaraxë
    by Moorgeist
  12. Próżnia
    by Białywilk
  13. Alluring the distant eye
    by Sadness
  14. Venomous Sorcery Through Hidden Darkness
  15. _____
    by Sadness
  16. The Seventh Obsidian Fortress Of Ancient Dacian Nightmare
    by Cetăți dacice din Munții Orăștiei
  17. Hymns of the Woodland
    by Grot
  18. Slow And Heavy - Tyrannic Edition
    by Diplodocus
  19. Xavarthan - Last forgotten memories (Demo)
    by Xavarthan
  20. Medieval Shadows From An Ancient Netherworld
    by Lunar Spells