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  1. Reclaimer
    by Shadow Of Intent
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    The Catacombs (Feat. Jason Evans & Dickie Allen) The Catacombs (Feat. Jason Evans & Dickie Allen)
    This is by far the album of the year for me so far. I can't stop listening to to brutal, crushing, melodic mixture of awesomeness this whole album has! And there's some Halo thrown in there as well. Must listen and a must buy!
  2. A Season Of Pagan Sorrow
    by Kald Kriger
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    Let The Ravens Fly! Let The Ravens Fly!
    I love a good album artwork that gets you ready for what you're about to listen to. This does it! There's a cold atmosphere to this whole album, and with "Let the Ravens Fly!" I definitely feel it. There's a lot of very memorable riffs throughout the release as well that are quite catchy and get stuck in your head, thus making you want to hear it again and again. On my second listen now and I keep finding little subtle things here and there that I really like. Very solid release! Hails!
  3. Caesious
    by Torrid Husk
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    Cut With Rain Cut With Rain
    From start to finish, I really enjoy this album. I love the atmosphere about it and the riffs are so tasty!!
    by Deitus
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    Lightbearer Lightbearer
    Everything about this album is great. Highly recommended!!!!
  5. Demo
    by Nyrst
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    Bölbænir Bölbænir
    Great demo and can't wait to hear more soon! \m/
  6. Tales of Inevitable Death
    by Soulemission
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    Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes
    Love this whole album! Really gives me a strong Dissection feel mixed with some Emperor.
  7. Kodama (Luxus)
    by Alcest
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    Je Suis D'ailleurs Je Suis D'ailleurs
    This is quite an amazing album. Every Alcest release just gets better and better in my opinion and this may be the best one yet!
  8. An Eternity Of Solitude
    by Sorrow Plagues
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    Failure Failure
    There's this atmosphere in every song that I can't explain. It's so dark and cold but warming and makes me feel good. Amazing album and highly recommended.
  9. Beyond All Light
    by Anagnorisis
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    This Cursed Blood This Cursed Blood
    What is there not to love about this album? I liked it the first play through, and fell in love with it the second. Just keeps getting better and better the more you listen.
  10. Stellar
    by Der Weg einer Freiheit
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    Requiem Requiem
    Highly recommend this album. It's a great journey from start to finish and I can't get enough of it!
  11. Pattern Of Infinity
    by Trna
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    Morning Trip Morning Trip
    I already knew I was going to buy the album, but the title track just confirmed it. Amazing album!!!!!
  12. Hjørungavågr
    by Utstøtt
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    Hagl Over Stekende Skip Hagl Over Stekende Skip
    There's just this feeling I can't even describe once the track starts. Amazing album!