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  1. Desdes
    by Awalom Gebremariam
  2. Hailu Mergia & His Classical Instrument: Shemonmuanaye
    by Hailu Mergia
  3. Lala Belu
    by Hailu Mergia
  4. Penny Penny Remixes
    by Penny Penny
  5. La Grande Cantatrice Malienne Vol 3
    by Na Hawa Doumbia
  6. Obaa Sima
    by Ata Kak
  7. Professor 3
    by Professor Rhythm
  8. Dur-Dur Band Remixes
    by Dur-Dur Band
  9. Aby Ngana Diop Remixes
    by Aby Ngana Diop
  10. Say You Love Me
    by Om Alec Khaoli
  11. Trotro
    by DJ Katapila
  12. Asnakech
    by Asnakech Worku
  13. Aroo EP
    by DJ Katapila
  14. Wede Harer Guzo
    by Hailu Mergia
  15. Bafana Bafana
    by Professor Rhythm
  16. Hailu Mergia Remixes
    by Hailu Mergia
  17. Volume 7
    by Bola
  18. Our Garden Needs Its Flowers
    by Jess Sah Bi & Peter One
  19. Poulo Warali
    by Awa Poulo
  20. 707
    by Umoja
  21. Shaka Bundu
    by Penny Penny
  22. Songs of Paapieye
    by SK Kakraba
  23. Bola Remixes
    by Bola
  24. Tche Belew
    by Hailu Mergia
  25. en Hollande
    by Sourakata Koité
  26. Liital
    by Aby Ngana Diop
  27. Volume 5
    by Dur-Dur Band
  28. Quewupp (KANN38)
    by Perm
  29. 00 Remixed (KANN03)
    by Various
  30. River EP (KANN34)
    by Mary Yalex
  31. Professional Youth Club (KANN21)
    by Sevensol & Bender
  32. The Small Things (KANN17)
    by Sven Tasnadi
  33. Swipe Till You Find Me, Hermine (MANA#3)
    by Steppin´Wolf
  34. Dedicated To Someone Both Of Us Know (KANN29)
    by cmd q
  35. Innere Tueren (KANN39)
    by Innere Tueren
  36. Ulfo (KANN13)
    by Map.ache
  37. Family Horror X EP II
    by Various
  38. RSD I
    by Sun Glitters / Essáy / Sevensol & Bender
  39. Undermyarms (KANN09)
    by Falke
  40. Algebra (KANN16)
    by Falke
  41. How Not To Lose Things (KANN12)
    by Sevensol & Bender
  42. Lack Of Loss (KANN14)
    by Philipp Matalla
  43. RSD II
    by Lake People / Julian Neumann / Map.ache
  44. Beyond Pleasure And Pain (KANN18)
    by Johannes Beck
  45. Nine (KANN25)
    by cmd q