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John Rose

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  1. The Young Steve Flying Circus
    by The You Suck Flying Circus/Young Steve
  2. We're Rowboat People
    by SCHMAVE
  3. Mend Again
    by Tiny Blue Ghost
  4. Flowerpot Records 2019 Sampler
    by Flowerpot Records
  5. Carcosa EP
    by Eliy Orcko
  6. Lord Whorfin/The You Suck Flying Circus
    by Flowerpot Records
  7. CUBA
    by Young Steve
  8. October November December
    by Brother Android
  9. Stay Golden
    by Jason Kaminski
  10. Down The Drain
    by Rem Ved
  11. Funeral
    by Sleepwalking
  12. The Hyundai Tapes
    by Young Steve / Nazca Plate
  13. The Gramp Stamp
    by Grampfather
  14. Vultures Eating Vultures
    by Grampfather
  15. 2020
    by Shin Guard
  16. The Magic Isn't Real
    by Sibyl
  17. Do No Harm
    by Owney The Postal Dog
  18. Push-up Party/Baseball Buzzwords
    by Flipcoin
  19. Sleep Soundtrack/Old Customer
    by Sleep Soundtrack/Old Customer
  20. I Hadn't Thought Of It That Way: Live Recordings 2018
    by The You Suck Flying Circus
  21. Flowerpot Records Sessions #6: Krash And The Dogs
    by Krash And The Dogs
  22. Flowerpot Records Sessions #5: Kadie Good
    by Kadie Good
  23. Flowerpot Records Sessions #4: Mallows
    by Mallows
  24. Flowerpot Records Sessions #3: Flower Crown
    by Flower Crown
  25. Flowerpot Records Sessions #2: Bike Cruise
    by Bike Cruise
  26. Flowerpot Records Sessions #1: Young Steve
    by Young Steve
  27. Clear Shape
    by Wes Meadows
  28. Nothing But Noodles
    by All Over The Place
  29. You'll Never Work In This Town Again
    by Derek Paul DePrator
  30. Spice Pictures: The Shape Of Vapor Punk To Come
    by Perfect Girl
  31. Flowerpot Records 2018 Sampler
    by Flowerpot Records
  32. Same Old Sound
    by Mallows
  33. Charlene Darling
    by Johnny "Stickerboy" Owens
  34. Tristar
    by Lord Whorfin
  35. Party With My Demons
    by Eliy Orcko
  36. Don't Leave
    by Kadie Good
  37. EP
    by Brightfall
  38. Every Direction From Center
    by Old Customer
  39. 2012-2016
    by graves.
  40. Hey Thanks vol. 2
    by Flowerpot Records
    subscriber exclusive
  41. Take Me
    by Brightfall
  42. Trashionalism
    by Actual Italians
  43. Hindsight: Five Years Of Younger
    by Younger
  44. Extra Gold
    by Bike Cruise
  45. Destroy All Monsters
    by Mecha G