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  1. Shock Withdrawal
    by Shock Withdrawal
    Perfected grindcore.....ok so you sirs and or Maruta should be on that upcoming tour with Meshuggah and Converge....instead of Torche. What the fuck alternate timeline dimension are we living in? I just found out Karen Gillan got married to this guy that did a movie with a sir in my new indie toon "Potion Duck" ....should've been me man.
  2. Mild Thing (Ex-Stonehenge)
    by Kaskadeur
  3. Uncanny Valley
    by Kaskadeur
  4. Uncanny Valley
    by Kaskadeur
  5. Chasm
    by When Waves Collide
  6. All We Have is Now - EP
    by Hereafter
    by portrayal of guilt
  8. Harbinger
    by Bleeth
  9. Heavy Pendulum
    by Cave In
  10. The Harvest
    by MWWB
  11. In Narcosis
    by Maruta
  12. All That Was Promised
    by Hath
  13. Breathing is Irrelevant
    by Ion Dissonance
  14. Ylem
    by Sunless
  15. Glass Asshole
    by Stuntwoman
  16. No Weather
    by Stronds
  17. Plantgazer
    by Show Me a Dinosaur
  18. Cactides
    by Titan to Tachyons
  19. Return to Zero
    by Umbra Vitae
  20. The Golden Age of Bad Ideas
    by El Drugstore